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virtual int DamageMobj(Actor inflictor, Actor source, int damage, Name mod, int flags = 0, double angle = 0)


Called by the actor whenever it takes damage. Returns the amount of damage the caller actually took from the attack.

Can be both overridden on a specific actor in order to add something to the moment they take damage, and also called on an actor directly to deal damage to them.


  • Actor inflictor
The actor dealing the damage. This is the missile for projectiles and the puff for hitscan attacks. For monster melee attacks this is the same as the source.
  • Actor source
The actor responsible for the inflictor.
  • int damage
The amount of damage to deal.
  • Name mod
The damage type applied to the attack. Regular attacks use 'Normal', hitscan attacks use 'Hitscan'.
  • int flags - The damage flags to use in the attack:
  • DMG_NO_ARMOR - The attack won't call AbsorbDamage on any of the victim's inventory items.
  • DMG_NO_PAIN - The attack will not cause the victim to enter their Pain state sequence.
  • DMG_INFLICTOR_IS_PUFF - Used by ApplyKickback to determine whether the origin should be the source (if the flag is set) or the inflictor. Automatically set by hitscan attacks.
  • DMG_THRUSTLESS - The attack won't call ApplyKickback on the victim.
  • DMG_FORCED - The attack ignores all damage negation flags/properties the victim has, such as NODAMAGE, and doesn't call special damage functions e.g. TakeSpecialDamage. Players with the NODAMAGE flag, god2, or buddha2 cheats are immune due to potential abuse.
  • DMG_NO_FACTOR - The attack won't apply the victim's damage factors.
  • DMG_PLAYERATTACK - Set if the attack came from a hitscan weapon fired by a player.
  • DMG_FOILINVUL - The attack ignores the INVULNERABLE flag if the victim has it set.
  • DMG_FOILBUDDHA - The attack ignores the BUDDHA flag if the victim has it set.
  • DMG_NO_PROTECT - The attack won't call ModifyDamage or AbsorbDamage on any of the victim's inventory items.
  • DMG_NO_ENHANCE - The attack won't call ModifyDamage on any of the source's inventory items.
  • DMG_USEANGLE - The attack will use the angle parameter when applying kickback instead of having ApplyKickback calculate the angle from the origin of the attack.
  • DMG_EXPLOSION - The attack will be marked as splash damage from an explosion. This is set automatically if the damage came from an explosive projectile.
  • double angle
The absolute angle for thrusting enemies from the damage if DMG_USEANGLE is set.


This version of the Zombieman will take no damage from projectiles:

class ZombiemanNoProjectiles : Zombieman
	override int DamageMobj (Actor inflictor, Actor source, int damage, Name mod, int flags, double angle)
		if (inflictor && inflictor.bMISSILE)
			return 0;
		return super.DamageMobj(inflictor, source, damage, mod, flags, angle);

Note, similar behavior can be achieved with the NONSHOOTABLE flag, but that will completely disable collision with projectiles, while this override disables damage.

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