Deadbase 2.0

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Rather 1994 architecture but with the ZDoom trimmings
Deadbase 2.0
Author Sarge Baldy
Port ZDoom
IWAD MiniDoom2LogoIcon.png
Status Released
Link Deadbase 2.0 at Doomworld/idgames


An update of the first map of the "Wasteland" series of maps by Alberto Barsella (around May 1994) to use ZDoom features and slightly improved looks made by Sarge Baldy. Obviously for such a wad, the gameplay is quite easy and the level design is quite simple. Nonetheless it offers a nice playthrough. It runs on (Ultimate) Doom E2M1 with ZDoom, and uses some graphics made by Barsella. This map does have some interesting features, such as a base map and a story. An excerpt from the text file:


Welcome to the first mission in the Wasteland series: Dead Base. In this mission you play the role of Maj. Barowsky as he cleans the lost Prometeus Base from alien creatures and locates the information which will eventually allow him to proceed towards the origin of all the evil."

This is written at the end, below the main story. Gameplay is based around multiple buildings, with the usual Doom run and gun mayhem, although you start off very well equipped.