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  • (These DMFlags are ZDoom-specific. Zandronum DMFLAGS can be found here.)

There are 2 CVARs in ZDoom that control certain gameplay flags, namely DMFLAGS and DMFLAGS2. Most only affect Deathmatch games, hence the name, however others only affect Cooperative games and some work in all game modes.

You can set the flags via the in-game menu (OptionsGameplay options), however you can also set the options directly from the command line or console.

At the console, type "dmflags[2] XXXX", where XXXX is a number representing which flags should be toggled. This number is created by adding the values for each argument you want to use.

To make the change effective from the command line, use "+set dmflags[2] XXXX".

The following table lists each of the flags currently available, along with the values needed, which CVAR you should put that value in, and what the default state of each setting is (on or off). Contrary to how one might expect it to function, the setting is simply toggled from the default when the value is set. For example, adding 2048 to DMFLAGS turns Infinite Ammo on, however adding 131072 to DMFLAGS2 turns freelook off, since on is the default state.

In a multiplayer game, only the host can change these settings unless SV_Cheats is 1.

Note that this following table may fall out of date between versions. Always refer to ZDoom's Gameplay options menu for the correct values.
(Up-to-date as of ZDoom 2.9 pre-2175-g4f21ff2 64bit. GZDoom 3.x also shares these same DMFlags and their enumerations.)


Flag Name CVar Default Value Description
Allow Health (DM) DMFlags ON 1 Allows players to pick up items which restore health
Allow Powerups (DM) DMFlags ON 2 Allows players to pick up and use powerup items
Weapons Stay (DM) DMFlags OFF 4 Weapons aren't removed from the map when a player picks them up; Doesn't work with weapons dropped by enemies
Falling damage (Old) DMFlags OFF 8 Damages the player when they fall too far; uses old ZDoom damage calculation
Falling damage (Hexen) DMFlags OFF 16 Damages the player when they fall too far; uses Hexen's damage calculation
Falling damage (Strife) DMFlags OFF 24 Damages the player when they fall too far; uses Strife's damage calculation
Same Map (DM) DMFlags OFF 64 After exiting, the current map is started over instead of proceeding to the next
Spawn Farthest (DM) DMFlags OFF 128 Tries to spawn players far away from each other in a Deathmatch game
Force Respawn DMFlags OFF 256 Forces the player to respawn a few seconds after death
Allow Armor (DM) DMFlags ON 512 Allows players to pick up items which give armor
Allow Exit (DM) DMFlags ON 1024 If off, trying to exit the level by normal means will kill the offending player instead
Infinite ammo DMFlags OFF 2048 All players have infinite ammo
No monsters DMFlags OFF 4096 Monsters placed in the map don't appear; does not stop monsters from spawning via scripts, however
Monsters respawn DMFlags OFF 8192 Monsters who are killed automatically respawn; this is the default behavior for the Nightmare skill setting
Items respawn DMFlags OFF 16384 Basic items, such as weapons and ammo, respawn after being picked up
Fast monsters DMFlags OFF 32768 Monsters move and react faster; this is the default behavior for the Nightmare skill setting
Allow jump DMFlags ON 65536 Players are allowed to jump; can be overridden in the MAPINFO lump
Allow freelook DMFlags ON 262144 Players are allowed to look up and down; can be overridden in the MAPINFO lump
Allow FOV DMFlags ON 1048576 Players are allowed to change their FOV (Field of Vision) from the default
Spawn multi. weapons (Coop) DMFlags ON 2097152 If off, weapons marked as Multiplayer Only in the map won't appear in Cooperative games
Allow crouch DMFlags ON 4194304 Players are allowed to crouch; can be overridden in the MAPINFO lump
Lose entire inventory (Coop) DMFlags OFF 16777216 Players lose everything in their inventory upon death (Coop only)
Keep keys (Coop) DMFlags ON 33554432 If off, players lose keys upon death (Coop only)
Keep weapons (Coop) DMFlags ON 67108864 If off, players lose all weapons upon death and are given the standard pistol and 50 bullets on respawn (Coop only)
Keep armor (Coop) DMFlags ON 134217728 If off, armor is reset to 0% on death (Coop only)
Keep powerups (Coop) DMFlags ON 268435456 If off, powerups are lost on death (Coop only)
Keep ammo (Coop) DMFlags ON 536870912 If off, ammo is lost on death and the player starts with only 50 bullets (Coop only)
Lose half ammo (Coop) DMFlags OFF 1073741824 If on, half of the player's ammo is removed on death (Coop only)


Flag Name CVar Default Value Description
Drop weapon DMFlags2 OFF 2 Drops the player's currently selected weapon on death
No team changing (DM) DMFlags2 OFF 16 If on, players cannot change teams in a teamplay match after the map has started.
Double ammo DMFlags2 OFF 64 If on, ammo pickups are doubled.
Degeneration DMFlags2 OFF 128 Players have their health slowly drained when over 100%
Allow BFG aiming DMFlags2 ON 256 Players are allowed to aim BFG shots up and down; turn off to prevent the BFG from being fired into the ground to generate instant tracers
Barrels respawn (DM) DMFlags2 OFF 512 Respawns barrels in a Deathmatch game
Respawn protection (DM) DMFlags2 OFF 1024 Players who are respawning are invulnerable for a few seconds
Spawn where died (Coop) DMFlags2 OFF 4096 If on, players respawn at the spot they died, unless they died in an instant-death sector (Sector type 115). (Coop only)
Keep frags gained (DM) DMFlags2 OFF 8192 If on, players keep their frag count from one map to the next.
No respawn DMFlags2 OFF 16384 If enabled, players will not be able to respawn after dying.
Lose frag on death (DM) DMFlags2 OFF 32768 Players lose a frag each time they die.
Infinite inventory DMFlags2 OFF 65536 Inventory items aren't removed when used.
No monsters to exit DMFlags2 OFF 131072 Players cannot exit the map until all monsters are killed
Allow automap DMFlags2 ON 262144 Players are allowed to access their automap
Automap allies DMFlags2 ON 524288 Players can see other friendly players on the automap
Allow spying DMFlags2 ON 1048576 Players can use the spynext command to see through their allies' eyes
Chasecam cheat DMFlags2 OFF 2097152 Players are allowed to use the third-person chase cam
Disallow Suicide DMFlags2 OFF 4194304 Players cannot die due to self-inflicted damage
Allow Autoaim DMFlags2 ON 8388608 Player weapons cannot auto aim
Check ammo for weapon switch DMFlags2 ON 16777216 ???
Icon of Sins death kis its spawns DMFlags2 ON 33554432 ???
End sector counts for kill % DMFlags2 ON 67108864 ???
Big powerups respawn DMFlags2 OFF 134217728 Powerups, such as the Invisibility and Invulnerability, respawn after being picked up
Allow vertical bullet spread DMFlags2 OFF 1073741824 Vertical bullet spread for weapons is allowed