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Instructions for downloading the ZDoom Wiki so that is viewable off-line:

  1. Download HTTrack from the HTTrack Homepage:
  2. Configure the filter under the "Scan Rules" tab in the Set Options menu to include this:
  • -*Special:*
  • -*Talk:*
  • -*User:*
  • -*&action=*
  • -*&printable=*
  • -*&oldid=*
  1. In the "Spider" tab, make sure the drop-down field containing "robots.txt" is set to "no robots.txt rules", and make sure that the “Force old HTTP/1.0 requests (no 1.1)” box is checked.
  2. Point HTTrack to the following web address:
  3. Run HTTrack.


The program will rip all the pages from the site and store them in a directory on your hard drive. Download times will vary, depending on your connection, anywhere between two minutes to an hour.

After that, you can browse the ZDoom Wiki off-line just like you would online.

If you have wget installed, you can also use the following command to download the wiki:

wget -rk


Failure to properly configure your web leaching program is liable to get you blocked from the site. If I see that there is unusually high network traffic for hours, and when I check my logs, I see that somebody is downloading every single page on the wiki, including discussion pages, edit pages, history pages, and every special page possible, I will block them at my own discretion. - Randy Heit (talk) 19:34, 18 January 2015 (CST)


  1. Configuration and settings obtained from Grubber.