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Nuvolabomb.png Warning: The feature described on this page is only there for compatibility purposes with Doom Legacy and will not be extended or maintained beyond this point. It is therefore recommended to look for equivalent ZDoom method to achieve the same effects instead of using this feature.

158:FS_Execute (int scriptnumber, side, keynum, message)

Executes a FraggleScript script.

  • scriptnumber: Number of the script to run.
  • side: on a two-sided linedef, determines if it can be activated from the front side.
  • keynum: The number of the key required for activation, as defined in LOCKDEFS.
  • message: The type of message given if the player lacks the needed key.


  • 0: Can be activated from both side
  • 1: Can only be activated from the front side


See key types for the list of default key numbers, and LOCKDEFS to define your own.


  • 0: Displays a “you need X key to open this door” message
  • 1: Displays a “you need X key to activate this object” message


Nuvolachalk.png Note: This article lists no examples. If you make use of this feature in your own project(s) or know of any basic examples that could be shared, please add them. This will make it easier to understand for future authors seeking assistance. Your contributions are greatly appreciated.

Conversions from linedef types

The following Doom map format types can be converted as FS_Execute:

Type Conversion Trigger
MiniLegacyLogoIcon.pngLegacy 270 FS_Execute (tag) Player Cross, Repeatable
MiniLegacyLogoIcon.pngLegacy 273 FS_Execute (tag, 1) Player Cross, Repeatable
MiniLegacyLogoIcon.pngLegacy 274 FS_Execute (tag) Player Cross
MiniLegacyLogoIcon.pngLegacy 275 FS_Execute (tag, 1) Player Cross
MiniLegacyLogoIcon.pngLegacy 276 FS_Execute (tag) Player Use, Repeatable
MiniLegacyLogoIcon.pngLegacy 277 FS_Execute (tag) Player Use
MiniLegacyLogoIcon.pngLegacy 278 FS_Execute (tag) Attack Hit, Missile Cross, Repeatable
MiniLegacyLogoIcon.pngLegacy 279 FS_Execute (tag) Attack Hit, Missile Cross
Script functions
ACS_Execute ACS_NamedExecute
ACS_ExecuteWait ACS_NamedExecuteWait
ACS_ExecuteAlways ACS_NamedExecuteAlways
ACS_ExecuteWithResult ACS_NamedExecuteWithResult
ACS_LockedExecute ACS_NamedLockedExecute
ACS_LockedExecuteDoor ACS_NamedLockedExecuteDoor
ACS_Suspend ACS_NamedSuspend
ACS_Terminate ACS_NamedTerminate
ScriptWait NamedScriptWait
FS_Execute UsePuzzleItem