GiveInventory (Actor)

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bool GiveInventory (class<Inventory> type, int amount [, bool givecheat])


Adds amount items of type type to the calling actor's inventory. This function will not add more items than can be carried.

If type is an armor item, be it a pickup or a bonus, then amount is treated as a multiplier to the item's save amount, e.g. if type is BlueArmor and amount is 3, then a combat armor with 600 armor points is given.


  • type: the class name of the item to give. This should be a valid inventory item.
  • amount: the number of samples of this item to give.
  • givecheat: if true, treats the item as being given by the give console command. Default is false.

Return value

The function returns true if the item is successfully received, otherwise it returns false.


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