Guardian of Earth

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Guardian of Earth is: a Zdoom mod created fully by Nmn.

It is the year 2101. Human civilazation tough advanced to the highest levels of science could not rid themselves of one feeling-the crave for domination. World leaders have started the next world war. When we were in our most important battle for Earth, an alien race who has been watching as we dissolve ourselves from the outer space has struck upon us. Immideatly the Emperor spread his minions all over the Earth. Chaos and death has covered Earth. Almost 70% of our civilization have been killed, whole cities lay in ruins. The only known force fighting against the Empire are the Combatribes-human soldiers, boosted by cybernetic implants to make them worthy adversaries for the alien warriors, riding their motorcycles, cleaning the ruins of the aglomerations out of our enemies. Gallantrous and brave, but outnumbered and weakened it would take generations for these brave gangs to cleanse the world out of the aliens, however, a light of hope shone. Professor Zigman, after his long research has discovered that a spell exists that if said in front of the Emperor will kill him. Without their leader the alien race will erode and leave our world. Professor also discovered the location of the main Alien Ship where the Emperor is. Unfortunately, the aliens learned of his plans and dispatched hitmen. Before his last moments of life he sent mails to his children- Sandra and Jay. He also managed to send the disc with the spell to his daughter. Along with her Combatribe she went to the ruins of the city Natols-by which the space ship is. After You have received Your mail You rushed quickly to Natols to help Your sister, who is the only way to clean the world of the Emperor's forces.

The project will feature classic action linear levels (think: Action Doom) fighting oriented gameplay (not shooting oriented), 7 levels, a lot of new graphics, 7 massive bosses, something You don't see in Doom too often. Updates and screenshots will be revealed after projects: KDIZD and Haze are accomplished.