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You want to help the wiki and you do not know where to begin? Here are a few suggestions:

Note: Due to relentless spambot activity, account creation had to be disabled. Sorry. You can obtain an account by contacting one of the wiki admins on another platform (ZDoom forums, Doomworld forums, Discord channel, etc.) with an email address at which the wiki software can send you your temporary password.

How to help:

  • Follow Wiki documentation guide when editing or adding new pages.
  • Create pages for ZDoom mods! Don't forget to follow the WAD Page Guidelines, though. Or write articles and upload screenshots for the mods that have just the wad template and no true article.
  • Clean up the pages that need to be updated.
  • Don't forget to use the handy templates that make maintenance easier.
  • Add an accurate description to the actor pages that need a description.
  • Update the class pages! They often contain outdated information. Most importantly, add ZScript definitions to actor pages that still only have DECORATE ones. The most up-to-date code can be found on GZDoom GitHub repository.
  • If an external link is dead or broken, report it in the article's talk page or in the ZDoom wiki thread.
  • Likewise, if the information in an article is lacking or hard to find.
  • Just browse around and fix grammar and spelling mistakes where you can see them.