Improving original monsters with DECORATE

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DECORATE can do more than creating new stuff, you can also use it to improve the original monsters. Sometimes they act strangely, and DECORATE can help to remove these little quirks.

Improvement examples

Take a close look at the Cacodemon. When it dies, it collapses in the air or slowly collapses after hitting the floor, but we all would expect it to smash on the ground, splashing its guts out instead. So let's fix this quirk.

actor Cacodemon2 : Cacodemon replaces Cacodemon
 BloodColor "blue"
   HEAD G 4 A_SetSolid
   HEAD G 4 A_SetShootable
   HEAD H 8 A_Scream
   HEAD H -1
   HEAD I 4 A_PlaySound ("*fist") //I had no better sound, so feel free to use another.
   HEAD J 4
   HEAD K 2 A_NoBlocking
   HEAD K 1 A_UnsetSolid
   HEAD K 1 A_UnSetShootable
   HEAD L -1 A_SetFloorClip
   HEAD L 8 A_UnSetFloorClip
   goto See

This DECORATE code, for example, improves the Cacodemon a little bit now. You can shoot it in the air, and it blocks any shots while falling. When it hits the ground, the state "Crash" is called (this state is called every time an actor is dead and hits the floor); it contains the code for collapsing and resetting the old corpse behavior (unshootable etc.) It's obviously not the best solution for it, but still a nice improvement when they drop after shooting them on maps with a high ceiling.

It also changes the Cacodemon's blood color to blue rather than the default red color, as the Cacodemon's insides appear blue when he dies.

Some other monsters can be improved just by simply changing their blood color. For example, the Baron of Hell and Hell Knight's blood color can be changed to green because they bleed out a green pool of blood upon dying.

actor BaronofHell2 : BaronOfHell replaces BaronOfHell
 BloodColor "green"

However, the Hell Knight will not be affected by the change since it's still going to inherit from the original Baron of Hell. As such, you'll need to modify it as well to reflect the change.

actor HellKnight2 : HellKnight replaces HellKnight
 BloodColor "green"