Justice - Infernal Mechanics

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Justice - Infernal Mechanics
Author Phobus
Port ZDoom
IWAD MiniDoom2LogoIcon.png
Status Released
Link Download from Phobus's site


A screenshot of the dimensional gate

Phobus' sixth solo release, this wad is another project made quickly to reduce the monotony of working on other projects which are too big and taking too long. Created in 6 days, this was the first wad Phobus had released since christmas 2006, so he'd been working on community projects or his own projects for over a year with no solo releases.

The wad itself is a feature rich, short map designed to be a quick bit of fun and a showcase for all of the monsters he'd made at the time. There is a secret serious bomb, but otherwise the weaponary is limited to the rocket launcher and a special sword called Justice, which is a holy relic wielded by holy marines. It has a wide, sweeping powerful attack which makes short work of groups of weaker monsters and cuts apart more powerful adversaries quite quickly too. The wad forces the player to think carefully about how he fights.

The story is that the player is a holy marine who is tasked with the job of disabling a Heaven-Hell generator (literally a power source which works by forcing heavens energies and hells energies into eachother) which will power a Dimensional Gate for the demons when it is finished. After that, the player must escape the area, killing all in his way.


  • 1 medium sized, medium detail map
  • A Devil May Cry MIDI made by Ayahito (found on vgmusic.com)
  • Several DECORATE monsters (Munchkin, Armoured Baron, Zombie Scientist, Ambush Zombie Scientist, Aeon, Ignis Locus), all in ph_monsters.wad, included in ph_quik3.zip
  • Textures from White Light
  • The new weapon, Justice
  • Cutmanmike's Serious Bomb (based on Serious Sam, found in the Weapons Resource Wad) as a secret weapon
  • Quite heavy use of ZDoom features
  • Fast paced gameplay with a challenge

Suitable for single play. No co-op, deathmatch or difficulty modes featured.

Made with:

Doom Builder, MSPaint and XWE

More info and screenshots can be found on Phobus' webpage for Justice - Infernal Mechanics, linked below.

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