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LZDoom is a MiniWikipediaLogoIcon.pngfork of the GZDoom source port centered around lower-end computers by drfrag. LZDoom follows GZDoom's feature set and has a few enhancements of its own. It employs an MiniWikipediaLogoIcon.pngOpenGL 2 based renderer, as GZDoom moved away to MiniWikipediaLogoIcon.pngOpenGL 3 as a hardware requirement. LZDoom targets users still running with OpenGL 2.1 compatible graphics cards but who want to stay in touch with the latest in GZDoom development.


LZDoom was originally started as another legacy oriented build of GZDoom, built around version 3.3. Eventually, another one of drfrag's ports, GZDoom Vintage was merged into the existing codebase to create one new unified port under the same name.


  • All features from latest version of mainline GZDoom (ACS, ZScript, ZMusic etc)
  • All ZDoom features
  • Rudimentary support for Doom Legacy
  • Support for the DEHEXTRA standard
  • OpenGL 2.1 based renderer (OpenGL 3.3+ recommended)
  • 4 player splitscreen (LZDoom-exclusive)
  • Options to switch between MiniWikipediaLogoIcon.pngDirect3D 9 and MiniWikipediaLogoIcon.pngDirectDraw rendering for software (Worldsim, backend)
  • Several fixes to mods to maintain compatibility

Merged features from QZDoom

The QZDoom codebase enhancements partially also found their way into LZDoom. These include:

  • Polygonal, 3-point perspective truecolor software renderer (“Softpoly”)
  • Truecolor support for the classic 2-point renderer
  • Vulkan renderer backend
  • Proper windowed mode support (i.e. you can freely resize the game window)
  • Correct ZDoom software light mode for the hardware renderer
  • High resolution correct version of the software fuzz, for both software and hardware renderers

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