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Level editors

The tools used to create levels.

Lump management tools

A lump management tool is a program that allows you to alter the contents of a WAD file such as sounds, graphics, music, or special lumps. This is different than a level editor which is specialized for making levels.

The different lump management tools provide varying degrees of flexibility and feedback. Some, such as DeePsea and XWE, include both level editing and lump management features. Most (but not all) of the tools provide the ability to explore the contents by seeing the lump names in the PWAD directory and similarly many provide visual and audible feedback by letting you view pictures, listen to sound lumps or play music content. Many (such as DeePsea, NWT and XWE) allow you to move, copy, and rename lumps in a wad file, while others (such as TWT) are simple command-line WAD compilers that will create a WAD file from several input files. The GUI interface programs DeePsea, WinTex and XWE also allow you to create a WAD file from a variety of input files.

Some lump management programs:

Script tools


Tools which don't fit into the other categories.

  • DoomCrap (Collection of tools: font generator, batch image converter, palette dump tool)
  • GIMP (Image editing tool)
  • HexStartup++ (Tool for converting graphics to Hexen Startup format)
  • ImageTool (Tool for converting graphics to ZDoom format)
  • PabloDraw (ANSI text editor, for ENDOOM and LOADING lumps)
  • SetPNG (Tool for adjusting PNGs)
  • ZDBSP (ZDoom's node builder)
  • Zennode (Node builder)
  • ZTerrain (ZDoom terrain generator)
  • ZWADCONV (Converts wads to ZDoom format)