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182:Line_Mirror (no parameters required)

Turns the line into a mirror.

Note that for ZDoom, the line must have enough void space behind it to fit all of the reflected geometry. Otherwise, areas behind the mirror will show up through the mirror as merged with the reflection. It is best to leave the same size of the current room with the mirror + 1 unit size in width, length and height, else HOMS (Hall of Mirrors) may appear. Mirrors done for GZDoom (OpenGL or Vulkan) no longer need a large void space behind the mirror, it can be as small as a sliver of 1/4 mu.


An example of a mirror can be found at here.

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Conversions from linedef types

The following Doom map format types can be converted as Line_Mirror:

Type Conversion Trigger
MiniZDoomLogoIcon.pngZDoom 336:Line_Mirror Line_Mirror ()

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