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281:Line_SetAutomapFlags (lineid, setflags, clearflags)

  • lineid: The id of the line of which to set the automap flags.
  • setflags: The flags to be set.
  • clearflags: The flags to be un-set.

Changes the in-game flags used by the automap for the line with the id.

The flags are as follows (multiple flags can be combined by using the | character between the constant names):

  • AMLF_Secret (1): Line is a secret, so it is drawn as one-sided.
  • AMLF_DontDraw (2): Line is not drawn (hidden). This flag respects the setting of the am_cheat and am_showalllines console variables. This flag takes precedence over AMLF_Mapped and AMLF_Revealed.
  • AMLF_Mapped (4): Line is always drawn, whether it has already been seen or not.
  • AMLF_Revealed (8): Line is drawn as if revealed by a map revealer, such as the computer area map.


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