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282:Line_SetAutomapStyle (lineid, style)

  • lineid: The id of the line of which to set the forced-style.
  • style: The kind of line the line should mimic.

Forces a line to be displayed as if it had specific criteria in the automap.

The styles to set are as follows:

  • AMLS_Default (0): Automap style is based on line properties (default).
  • AMLS_OneSided (1): One-sided wall.
  • AMLS_TwoSided (2): Two-sided wall.
  • AMLS_FloorDiff (3): Floor levels of front and back sectors are different.
  • AMLS_CeilingDiff (4): Ceiling levels of front and back sectors are different.
  • AMLS_ExtraFloor (5): 3D floor border.
  • AMLS_Special (6): Wall with special non-door action.
  • AMLS_Secret (7): Secret door.
  • AMLS_NotSeen (8): Wall not seen yet.
  • AMLS_Locked (9): Locked door.
  • AMLS_IntraTeleport (10): Intra-level teleporter.
  • AMLS_InterTeleport (11): Inter-level or game-ending teleporter.
  • AMLS_UnexploredSecret (12): Unexplored secret wall.
  • AMLS_Portal (13): Portal line.


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