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55:Line_SetBlocking (lineid, setflags, clearflags)

  • lineid: The ID of the line(s) to affect.
  • setflags: The blocking flags to set.
  • clearflags: The blocking flags to clear.

Alters the types of things which are blocked from crossing the linedefs with the specified lineid. Any block types present in setflags are turned on, while those present in clearflags are turned off. Types not specified in either argument are left alone.

The following block types are available for use in either of the flags arguments:

  • BLOCKF_CREATURES (1): Blocks walking things (players and enemies)
  • BLOCKF_MONSTERS (2): Blocks monsters (but not players)
  • BLOCKF_PLAYERS (4): Blocks players
  • BLOCKF_FLOATERS (8): Blocks floating creatures
  • BLOCKF_PROJECTILES (16): Blocks projectiles
  • BLOCKF_EVERYTHING (32): Blocks all of the above
  • BLOCKF_RAILING (64): Emulates Strife's railing behavior (blocks actors under 32 units of the line)
  • BLOCKF_USE (128): Blocks switches from being used across the line
  • BLOCKF_SIGHT (256): Blocks monster line of sight
  • BLOCKF_HITSCAN (512): Blocks hitscan attacks
  • BLOCKF_SOUND (1024): Blocks sound