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Note: This feature is for ZScript only.


native int MoveCeiling(double speed, double dest, int crush, int direction, bool hexencrush)


Moves the ceiling of the Sector along with any attached sectors and Actors in it. This is what ZDoom's raising and lowering ceilings use to change the map geometry.

Note: Any movement done this way will not have interpolation. A MovingCeiling must be used to get this effect.


  • speed - The amount to move by. This should be positive with direction determining which way to move.
  • dest - The destination distance from the world origin to cap movement to. Note that this is not the z position in the map. See PointToDist for converting a height to a distance.
  • crush - The amount of damage to deal if a damageable Actor blocked its movement. Setting to -1 will stop the ceiling from continuing to move.
  • direction - The direction to move vertically. 1 is up and -1 is down.
  • hexencrush - If set to true, stop the ceiling's movement even if crush isn't -1.

Return value

Returns the result of the ceiling movement. This can be one of three values:

  • Sector.MOVE_OK - The ceiling movement had no issues.
  • Sector.MOVE_CRUSHED - Something was blocking the ceiling's movement.
  • Sector.MOVE_PASTDEST - The ceiling reached its destination.


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