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The mugshot is a component of the Doom status bar, and can be used in SBARINFO. Note, even when creating HUDs in ZScript, the mugshots are still defined in SBARINFO.

The mugshot serves several purposes:

  • It provides a visual representation of the overall health of the player (redundant with the health indicator and possibly the crosshair).
  • It also gives directional indication for sources of damage, by "looking" in the direction of the damage source.
  • It reveals the use of the god mode cheat.
  • It also reacts to other events, such as grinning when picking up a new weapon or grimacing when holding fire for a while.

Of particular note is the DoomWikiLogoIcon.pngouch face bug which ZDoom fixed but which can be turned back on in the HUD options menu. A good reason to do so is if having a hint for the direction of the damage is found more important than having a hint for the intensity of said damage, since the standard ouch face always looks straight ahead.