Ninja Duel

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Ninja Duel

  • Ninja Duel is a Deathmatch weapons/gameplay replacement wad, currently comprising one level, by Zdoom newcomer Electronic Samurai. The gameplay focuses heavily on stealth rather than outright aggression, and the weapons reflect this. As Mr. Samurai is a thieving hack, an extensive list of credits and thank-yous can be found in the WAD itself.
  • A skins pack created by Ben2k9 can be found here. The skins include a ninja and a samurai.


  • Dojo (Level 1): A smallish rain-soaked dojo, with each of the weapons readily available to all players. Nooks and crannies abound - plenty of places for a ninja to hide, and strike from the shadows.


  • Karate Chop (slot 1): With intense training in martial arts, your fists have become deadly weapons. No longer is a weaponless foe a defenseless one. Secondary fire lashes out with a powerful kick.
  • Cat's Claw (slot 1): These razor-sharp claws can shred an opponent in seconds. Secondary fire allows you to scale the walls with some effort.
  • Dagger (slot 1): This tiny, silent weapon is perfect for a sneak attack. Secondary fire allows you to throw daggers at your opponent.
  • Short Sword (slot 2): This finely crafted blade can slice an opponent to ribbons in seconds.
  • Katana (slot 2): This masterwork blade has been passed from generation to generation for hundreds of years, and is one of the most deadly weapons ever created. Secondary fire allows you to block projectile attacks.
  • War Fan (slot 3): This unusual weapon has a habit of catching its foes by suprise.
  • Poleaxe (slot 3): The poleaxe has a tremendous range, as well as the highest damage for a melee weapon. However, its slow speed can be a downside.
  • Caltrops (slot 4): These tiny metal barbs can cripple an inattentive foe. But be warned; if you die, these weapons will harm you as well.
  • Smoke Bomb (slot 4): These chemical-filled eggshells can quickly cloud an area with smoke, allowing you to launch a suprise attack or escape unharmed.
  • Throwing Coins (slot 5): These tiny coins rebound off walls, floors, and ceilings, allowing your position to remain unknown. They're also excellent for clearing an area of pesky caltrops.
  • Shurikens (slot 5): These deadly throwing stars can incapacitate the most stalwart foes.
  • Bow (slot 6): The longbow is the single most powerful pre-gunpowder weapon crafted by man. It range, speed, and power are legendary.
  • Dragon Rocket (slot 7): Originally a siege weapon used against vast armies, the dragon rocket's effect on a single opponent can only be described as devastating.

Progress Speed

  • Chugging along.