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int PickActor (int source, fixed angle, fixed pitch, fixed distance, int tid [, int actorMask [, int wallMask [, int flags]]])


Picks a single actor that is being aimed at, and assigns a tid to it.

This function is tricky to use correctly; calling it in the straightforward way can cause bugs. See below for a full example.

Note: Actors with the GHOST flag are ignored by the ray.


  • source: the tid of the actor that the pick originates from. Use a tid of 0 to use the script's activator as the source.
  • angle: the angle to look at. This is a fixed point angle in the range of 0.0 to 1.0.
  • pitch: the pitch to look at. This is a fixed point angle in the range of 0.0 to 1.0.
  • distance: the maximum distance to pick actors in.
  • tid: the tid to assign to an actor that is being looked at.
  • actorMask: flags that an actor must have in order for it to be picked. The default is MF_SHOOTABLE. See Actor flags for a list of possible flags.
  • wallMask: linedef flags that will block the pick ray. The default is ML_BLOCKEVERYTHING | ML_BLOCKHITSCAN. See Linedef flags for a list of possible flags.
  • flags: The following flags can be combined with the | character between the constant names:
    • PICKAF_FORCETID — The picked actor is forcibly assigned the specified tid, otherwise it will only be assigned the tid if it does not have one to begin with.
    • PICKAF_RETURNTID — Instead of using a return value of 1, PickActor will use the actor's tid as the return value.

Return value

The function returns true if an actor was picked, false if not. If PICKAF_RETURNTID is specified, the function returns the picked actor's tid.

Actor flags

  • MF_SPECIAL: The actor can be picked up.
  • MF_SOLID: Set when the actor should be solid (blocking).
  • MF_SHOOTABLE: The actor can be damaged. If it's health goes below 0 it enters its death state.
  • MF_NOSECTOR: Object is not linked into the sector. This makes it invisible and excludes it from certain physics checks.
  • MF_NOBLOCKMAP: The actor is added to the internal blockmap for collision detection purposes.
  • MF_AMBUSH: Monster is set to ambush players.
  • MF_JUSTHIT: Try to attack right back (used in monster AI).
  • MF_JUSTATTACKED: Take at least one step before attacking (used in monster AI).
  • MF_SPAWNCEILING: Actor is spawned hanging from the ceiling as opposed to standing on the floor.
  • MF_NOGRAVITY: Actor is not subject to gravity.
  • MF_DROPOFF: Actor can walk over ledges/taller steps.
  • MF_PICKUP: This actor can pick up items.
  • MF_NOCLIP: Actor is totally excluded from collision detection and can walk through walls etc.
  • MF_INCHASE: Used internally to avoid recursion.
  • MF_FLOAT: Floating actor that can change height at will.
  • MF_TELEPORT: Used when teleporting an actor.
  • MF_MISSILE: Actor is a projectile.
  • MF_DROPPED: Actor always acts as if it was dropped.
  • MF_SHADOW: Actor is nearly invisible and makes monsters trying to target this actor to be inaccurate.
  • MF_NOBLOOD: Actor does not bleed when hurt.
  • MF_CORPSE: Actor is a corpse.
  • MF_INFLOAT: Used internally for floating monsters.
  • MF_INBOUNCE: Used internally by Heretic bouncing missiles.
  • MF_COUNTKILL: Counts toward kill percentage.
  • MF_COUNTITEM: Counts toward item percentage.
  • MF_SKULLFLY: Actor is a charging monster.
  • MF_NOTDMATCH: Actor is not spawned in deathmatch games.
  • MF_SPAWNSOUNDSOURCE: This projectile will play its seesound from the originating actor.
  • MF_FRIENDLY: This monster doesn't target the player. Instead it attacks other monsters.
  • MF_UNMORPHED: This actor is an unmorphed version of something else.
  • MF_NOLIFTDROP: Does not drop when a lift under it lowers.
  • MF_STEALTH: Actor is a stealth monster.
  • MF_ICECORPSE: Actor is a frozen corpse.

Linedef flags

  • ML_BLOCKING: The linedef is solid.
  • ML_BLOCKMONSTERS: The linedef blocks monsters.
  • ML_TWOSIDED: The linedef has two siedes (two sidedefs).
  • ML_DONTPEGTOP: Upper texture unpegged.
  • ML_DONTPEGBOTTOM: Lower texture unpegged.
  • ML_SECRET: Displays on the automap as a one-sided line.
  • ML_SOUNDBLOCK: Stops sound propagation after two of these linedefs have been traversed.
  • ML_DONTDRAW: Prevents this linedef from displaying on the automap.
  • ML_MAPPED: This linedef will be present on the automap from the start of the level.
  • ML_REPEAT_SPECIAL: This linedef's special is repeatable.
  • ML_ADDTRANS: Drawn with additive translucency (internal flag).
  • ML_MONSTERSCANACTIVATE: Monsters can activate this linedef.
  • ML_BLOCK_PLAYERS: This linedef blocks players.
  • ML_BLOCKEVERYTHING: This linedef blocks everything.
  • ML_ZONEBOUNDARY: This linedef indicates a sound zone boundary.
  • ML_RAILING: This linedef uses Strife's railing collision logic.
  • ML_BLOCK_FLOATERS: This linedef blocks floating monsters.
  • ML_CLIP_MIDTEX: This linedef's middle texture is clipped by the ceiling and floor.
  • ML_WRAP_MIDTEX: This linedef's middle texture wraps around.
  • ML_3DMIDTEX: This linedef clips actor movement based on it's middle texture.
  • ML_CHECKSWITCHRANGE: Forces a check to see if the player can really reach a switch.
  • ML_FIRSTSIDEONLY: This linedef will only be activated when crossed from it's front side.
  • ML_BLOCKPROJECTILE: This linedef blocks projectiles.
  • ML_BLOCKUSE: This linedef blocks use actions.
  • ML_BLOCKSIGHT: This linedef blocks actor sight.
  • ML_BLOCKHITSCAN: This linedef blocks hitscan attacks.

Correct usage

PickActor has trouble if the chosen actor already has a TID. By default, it won't change an existing TID, so your code will do nothing. With PICKAF_FORCETID, you lose the actor's existing TID, which is likely to break other scripts. With PICKAF_RETURNTID, you might get an existing TID that's shared by several other actors.

The only way to be sure is to call PickActor twice with the same arguments.

// Get the existing TID, if there is one.
// A TID of 0 is the same as not having a TID, so "setting" it to 0 will not
// change anything's TID.
int old_tid = PickActor(..., /* tid */ 0, actor_mask, wall_mask, PICKAF_RETURNTID);

// Find a TID that's not currently in use.
int new_tid = UniqueTID();

// Do the "real" call.  This will return true if an actor was actually found,
// and also forcibly set its TID.
if (PickActor(..., /* tid */ new_tid, actor_mask, wall_mask, PICKAF_FORCETID)) {
    // Do some stuff with the temporary TID.

    // When you're done, restore the actor's TID to its original value.
    Thing_ChangeTID(new_tid, old_tid);

This works because nothing can move between the two PickActor calls, as long as they have the same arguments. While a script is executing, the game state doesn't change and other scripts don't run.

If you need to refer to the found actor later, this approach won't work. You may need to store the found actor as one of the source's actor pointers using SetPointer.


This example script, when called from a weapon state, will instantly gib any monster actor under the player's crosshairs.

Script "InstaGib" (void) {

  // Get a unique TID to temporarily use.
  int tid = UniqueTID();

  // Attempt to pick an actor where the activator is looking at. Ony shootable actors are considered.
  if (PickActor(0, GetActorAngle(0), GetActorPitch(0), 256.0, tid, MF_SOLID | MF_SHOOTABLE)) {

    // Gib the picked actor.
    Thing_Damage2(tid, 9000, "Melee");

    // Reset the now gibbed actor's TID.
    Thing_ChangeTID(tid, 0);