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89:Polyobj_OR_MoveTo (po, speed, pos_x, pos_y)

Moves a polyobject in a straight line towards an absolute destination.

  • po: polyobj to move
  • speed: how quickly the polyobject should move, in map units per octic.
  • pos_x: the absolute X coordinate to which the polyobject must move.
  • pos_y: the absolute Y coordinate to which the polyobject must move.

The “OR” in this special stands for OverRide. Under normal circumstances, if a polyobject is doing something, you cannot make it do something else until it has finished whatever it is doing. This can be a problem with perpetual polyobjs (such as Polyobj_RotateLeft or Polyobj_RotateRight with a byte angle of 255). Using one of the "OR" specials, you can force the polyobj to stop whatever it is doing and do something else.

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