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This is a list of predefined damage types, and their means-of-death (MOD) constant names and values. Note, the constants are only readable in ACS and are not exposed to ZScript, but they are associated with specific ZScript-readable damage types.

ACS functions and action specials may require either a damage type name or the MOD constant/value. Creating custom damage types is possible.

ZScript/DECORATE Damage type name ACS constant (means of death) Description Obituary code Default obituary string
None MOD_UNKNOWN (0) The internal name for generic damage, as in “no special reason”. “%o died”
MOD_ROCKET (5) Rocket projectile OB_ROCKET “%o should have stood back”
MOD_R_SPLASH (6) Rocket splash damage OB_R_SPLASH “%o should have stood back”
MOD_BFG_BOOM (8) BFG blast (primary attack)
BFGSplash MOD_BFG_SPLASH (9) BFG secondary attack tracers, as used by A_BFGSpray
MOD_CHAINSAW (10) Chopped to meat
MOD_SSHOTGUN (11) Shot by shotgun
Drowning MOD_WATER (12) Used during drowning. This damage type ignores armor. OB_WATER “%o can't swim.”
Slime MOD_SLIME (13) Used by Doom's damaging floors (eg. green and brown slime, blood). OB_SLIME “%o mutated”
Fire MOD_LAVA (14) Used by many, many actors: SorcererFX1, VolcanoBlast, VolcanoTBlast, PhoenixFX1, Demon1FX1, Demon2FX1, FireBall, MinotaurFX1, FlameMissile, and PhosphorousFire. Resisted to some degree by many others: Loremaster, Macil1, Oracle, Programmer and StrifeBishop. Also used by some terrain effects (if a damagetype of "lava" is given in a TERRAIN lump, it is remapped to fire damage). And finally used by A_DropFire, A_VileAttack, A_VolcBallImpact, and any projectile inheriting from MageStaffFX2. OB_LAVA “%o melted”
Crush MOD_CRUSH (15) Used by crushers. OB_CRUSH “%o was squished”
Telefrag MOD_TELEFRAG (16) Applied by telefragging (teleporting on top of another actor). OB_MPTELEFRAG “%o was telefragged”
Falling MOD_FALLING (17) Used for falling damage. OB_FALLING “%o fell too far”
Suicide MOD_SUICIDE (18) Used by the kill command OB_SUICIDE “%o suicides”
MOD_BARREL (19) OB_BARREL “%o went boom”
Exit MOD_EXIT (20) Special type of damage inflicted in some deathmatch game modes when a player tries to use the exit. OB_EXIT “%o tried to leave”
MOD_SPLASH (21) OB_SPLASH “%o stood in the wrong spot”
Melee MOD_HIT (22) Default for melee attacks.
Railgun MOD_RAILGUN (23) Used by railgun attacks if no other damage type is given. “%o was railed by %k”
Ice MOD_ICE (24) Actor froze to death. Used by the IceGuy, IceGuyFX, IceGuyFX2, IceShard and FrostMissile.
Disintegrate MOD_DISINTEGRATE (25) Used by the Mauler's puff and the Mauler2's torpedo.
Poison MOD_POISON (26) Poisoned (e.g. serpent staff). As a damage type, this only affects players.
PoisonCloud Same as Poison, but poisons the player to the worst possible degree and doesn't inflict any damage at all if the player is already poisoned to some extent. See PoisonCloud.
Electric MOD_ELECTRIC (27) Automatically used by missiles inheriting from Lightning, centaurs are vulnerable to it.
Massacre (1000) Used by the “kill monsters” console cheat.
DrainLife Supposedly used by the Sigil on its user, according to code comments. (But not used in fact.)
Extreme Using this damage type forces an extreme death, similar to the EXTREMEDEATH flag
InstantDeath Used by “instant death” sectors. (See Sector specials.)
Quake Used by earthquake effects.