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A projectile is an actor that moves at a constant speed each tic (unless A_ScaleVelocity or similar function is used to accelerate or decelerate it). For very fast projectiles, the normal collision code does not work and the actor should instead inherit from FastProjectile. On impact with a SHOOTABLE actor, the projectile will deal damage according to its Damage property. If the projectile has the RIPPER flag, it will pass through the actor; otherwise it will stop there. No projectiles can pass through walls.

When a projectile collides, it explodes and enters its death state, although technically it is not killed. If the Crash and XDeath states are defined, they may also be entered instead of the Death state, according to the collision type:

Collision State entered
Wall Death
Bleeding actor XDeath
Non-bleeding actor Crash

A non-bleeding actor is an actor with the NOBLOOD flag.

Projectiles generally have the Projectile combo, but they only really require MISSILE. Any actor without the MISSILE flag is not a projectile.