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  • STYLE_None - Do not render
  • STYLE_Normal - Regular rendering (all pixels of the graphic are opaque)
  • STYLE_Fuzzy - With a fuzz effect, like the Spectre
  • STYLE_SoulTrans - Translucent, to an amount determined by the transsouls CVAR.
  • STYLE_OptFuzzy - Fuzzy or translucent, based on the value of the r_drawfuzz CVAR.
  • STYLE_Stencil - All pixels are drawn in a single color and fully opaque.
  • STYLE_Translucent - Translucent according to the alpha field (from 0.0 to 1.0).
  • STYLE_TranslucentStencil - Like stencil, but supports alpha.
  • STYLE_Add - Additive rendering: each pixel's color is added to the pixel of the underlying scene. Recommended for things that are meant to emit light, like fire, plasma, etc.
  • STYLE_Shaded - Transparency is applied to each pixel based on its brightness (similar to Add), then all pixels are tinted to a specific color. This is how decals are drawn by default.
  • STYLE_Shadow - Equivalent to black translucent stencil with an alpha of 0.3
  • STYLE_Subtract - The opposite of additive: the color value is subtracted, creating a dark translucency of the opposite color, e.g. a red color being subtracted from a white surface will cause a cyan "shadow".
  • STYLE_AddStencil - Combines stencil and additive: all pixels are drawn in a single color, and the whole graphic will be translucent based on the brightness of that color.
  • STYLE_AddShaded - Combines shaded and additive: all pixels are tinted with a specific color, and the translucency of each pixel is set based on the brightness of its color.