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static void S_PauseSound (bool notmusic, bool notsfx)


S_PauseSound can be used in ZScript to pause level music and/or level sounds.

This function is defined in the Object class, so it can be called in ZScript in any context. However, the effect is negated as soon as the world ticks, so it can only be effectively utilized while in UI scope.


  • notmusic: If true, level music will not be paused.
  • notsfx: If true, currently playing sounds will not be paused.


This event will pause music while any menu based on the ListMenu class is opened:

class StopMenuMusic : EventHandler
	override void UiTick()
		Menu mnu = Menu.GetCurrentMenu();
		if (mnu && mnu is 'ListMenu')
			S_PauseSound(false, false);

Note, resuming the sound manually isn't required in this case, since as soon as the menu is closed, the world will tick and the sounds will be resumed automatically.

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