Scars of the Wounded Prey

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Scars of the Wounded Prey
Author Phobus
Port ZDoom
IWAD MiniDoom2LogoIcon.png
Status Released
Link Download from Phobus's site


A screenshot from the largest, most difficult part of the map (no monsters)

Phobus has a habit of spending too long on wads he's making, and getting bored of them. Around about when that happens he'll have an idea for a really small, quick project, or a community project will crop up and he'll join in. It was this habit that made him put 2 weeks into making Scars of the Wounded Prey, his fourth release, and another day or two a bit later on amending it to have difficulty modes and co-op compatability. (The /idgames version doesn't have the co-op compatability)

This map is quite a large map, and very, very hard. It is mostly a grim, dark, gloomy techbase with quite heavy detailing, though there are a few brighter areas, and one area which is outside in the fog. This is another map taking place in the Scourge universe (on the planet Abbottoir). It has two difficulty modes (UV and then HNTR/HMP serve as hard and not-so-hard respectively). In hard, you can expect to fight large numbers of revenants in a Hell Revealed fashion and compete with a Cyberdemon who is placed in an area which makes it reminiscant of the latter parts of cyberdreams, as it is aptly placed for killing you for a fair chunk of the level. Not-so-hard changes most monsters out for something easier, but keeps the general theme for traps, monster placement and challenge.

The main thing with the map, aside from the difficulty, is the weapon placement. The player only gets a chaingun and a rocket launcher (plus a secret plasma gun) to deal with the entire map, and the rocket launcher isn't available until roughly a quarter of the way through the map. Ammo and health are sufficiently placed to make this feasable though. ZDoom features are quite common in this wad, though there is no decorate this time around.


  • 1 large map
  • Mid-level usage of ZDoom features (accentuate, rather than dominate)
  • Possibly the hardest gameplay Phobus has ever implemented
  • Reasonably high levels of detail

Suitable for single play and 2 player co-op.

Made with:

Doom Builder and XWE

More info can be found on Phobus' webpage for Scars of the Wounded Prey, linked below.

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