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160:Sector_Set3dFloor (tag, type, flags, alpha, hi-tag/line ID)

Draws a 3D floor. Use this with a control sector in the same fashion as Transfer_Heights.

The ceiling of the control sector will be the floor of the 3D floor and the floor of the control sector will be the bottom of the 3d floor. The texture used on this line type will be the texture used for the sides of the 3D floor. The height of the 3D floor will be that of the distance between floor and ceiling.

Normally the lighting (including light color) of the control sector is transferred to the volume of the 3D floor (if transparent) and the space below it down to the next lower 3D floor.


  • tag: Tag of affected sectors.
  • type: The type of 3D floor to create.
  • flags: The flags to apply to the 3D floor.
  • alpha: Specifies the translucency of the 3D-floor: 0 = invisible, 255 = opaque.
  • hi-tag/line ID: If type has the value 8 added to it this will give the control linedef a line ID. Otherwise this parameter serves as a high-byte for the sector tag in order to allow more than 256 3D floor definitions. This parameter is completely unnecessary in UDMF and should not be used in that format.


  • 0: Defines a Vavoom-style 3D-floor. This means that the 3D floor's top surface will correspond to the control sector's floor, and the bottom surface will correspond to the ceiling. In other words, the control sector needs to have a negative height.
  • 1: Defines a solid 3D floor.
  • 2: Defines a swimmable 3D “floor”.
  • 3: Defines a non-solid 3D-floor.
  • 4: If you add 4 to the type the inside will also be rendered. Normally this is only done for liquids. This does not work for the Vavoom type. Using 4 alone is an "undocumented hack type that can be used to patch some missing texture hacks the engine can't detect".
  • 16: If you add 16 to the type the visibility rules will be inverted. Monsters can see through solid 3D floors but not through non-solid ones. This does not work for the Vavoom type.
  • 32: If you add 32 to the type the shootability rules will be inverted. You can shoot through solid 3D floors but not through non-solid ones. This does not work for the Vavoom type.


  • 1: Disables any lighting effects created by this 3D floor.
  • 2: Restricts the lighting properties into the area between the 3D floor's top and bottom. Logically this is only useful if the 3D floor is not solid.
  • 4: GZDoom only: 'Fog' effect. Fills all 3D floor surfaces with solid color using control sector's fade color. Also tints the view when inside and below this 3D floor, depending on the lighting settings for the 3D floor. This flag is not implemented in the software renderer and currently produces undefined results!
  • 8: Ignores the bottom height of the model sector and draws top and bottom of the 3D floor at the model sector's ceiling height.
  • 16: Uses a sidedef's upper texture to draw the sides of the 3D floor instead of the transfer linedef's mid texture.
  • 32: Uses a sidedef's lower texture to draw the sides of the 3D floor instead of the transfer linedef's mid texture.
  • 64: Renders the 3D floor using additive translucency.
  • 512: 'Fade' effect. Applies control sector's fade color to the area below this 3D floor.
  • 1024: Resets lighting effects created by 3D floors above this 3D floor.

Important notes

  • Sloped 3D floors are not available in the software renderer.
  • Sloped translucent 3D floors cannot be defined. They can be either sloped or translucent, not both.
This can be worked around by exporting the 3D floor as an OBJ model via Ultimate Doom Builder, pairing it with an actor, and setting the alpha of the actual 3D floor itself to 0. The sloped floor actor can have whatever renderstyle and alpha desired.
  • When making a sloped 3D sector make sure that the control sectors are aligned with the in-game sectors on the editing grid. Odd results may happen if they are not aligned.
  • Translucent 3D floors may create glitches in the display of XY-billboarded sprites.
  • A same sector cannot have both a 3D floor and a Transfer_Heights effect.
  • 3D floors can move up and down by moving the model sector's floor and ceiling. But due to the way the Doom engine is doing this, it does not work for the Vavoom-type!
  • Sector damage on the control sector is transferred to the target sectors. TERRAIN-based damage and friction are transferred as well.
  • If the control sector has a fade color, it will be used as the palette blend within and underneath the 3D floor.
  • Actor hits floor / ceiling doesn't work on Swimmable 3D Floors due to a limitation.
  • For optimization purposes, it is important to understand that this effect works by creating new visplanes to be rendered in the sectors which have the tag. As this is basically how a single sector is rendered anyway, they don't use a large amount of resources, so this should be the preferred method of creating multi-level structures, as opposed to using the resource-intensive portals.

Conversions from linedef types

The following Doom map format types can be converted as Sector_Set3dFloor:

Type Conversion Trigger
MiniLegacyLogoIcon.pngLegacy 281 Sector_Set3DFloor (tag, 1, 0, 255)
MiniLegacyLogoIcon.pngLegacy 289 Sector_Set3DFloor (tag, 1, 1, 255)
MiniLegacyLogoIcon.pngLegacy 300 Sector_Set3DFloor (tag, 1, 1, 127)
MiniLegacyLogoIcon.pngLegacy 301 Sector_Set3DFloor (tag, 2, 2, 127)
MiniLegacyLogoIcon.pngLegacy 302 Sector_Set3DFloor (tag, 3, 6, 127)
MiniLegacyLogoIcon.pngLegacy 303 Sector_Set3DFloor (tag, 3)
MiniLegacyLogoIcon.pngLegacy 304 Sector_Set3DFloor (tag, 2, 2, 255)
MiniLegacyLogoIcon.pngLegacy 305 Sector_Set3DFloor (tag, 3, 2)
MiniLegacyLogoIcon.pngLegacy 306 Sector_Set3DFloor (tag, 1)
MiniLegacyLogoIcon.pngLegacy 332 Sector_Set3DFloor (tag, 4)
MiniEDGELogoIcon.pngEDGE 400 Sector_Set3DFloor (tag, 1, 0, 255)
MiniEDGELogoIcon.pngEDGE 401 Sector_Set3DFloor (tag, 1, 16, 255)
MiniEDGELogoIcon.pngEDGE 402 Sector_Set3DFloor (tag, 1, 32, 255)
MiniEDGELogoIcon.pngEDGE 403 Sector_Set3DFloor (tag, 2, 2, 255)
MiniEDGELogoIcon.pngEDGE 404 Sector_Set3DFloor (tag, 2, 2, 204)
MiniEDGELogoIcon.pngEDGE 405 Sector_Set3DFloor (tag, 2, 2, 153)
MiniEDGELogoIcon.pngEDGE 406 Sector_Set3DFloor (tag, 2, 2, 102)
MiniEDGELogoIcon.pngEDGE 407 Sector_Set3DFloor (tag, 2, 2, 51)
MiniEDGELogoIcon.pngEDGE 408 Sector_Set3DFloor (tag, 2, 2)
MiniEDGELogoIcon.pngEDGE 413 Sector_Set3DFloor (tag, 1, 8, 255)
MiniEDGELogoIcon.pngEDGE 414 Sector_Set3DFloor (tag, 1, 8, 204)
MiniEDGELogoIcon.pngEDGE 415 Sector_Set3DFloor (tag, 1, 8, 153)
MiniEDGELogoIcon.pngEDGE 416 Sector_Set3DFloor (tag, 1, 8, 102)
MiniEDGELogoIcon.pngEDGE 417 Sector_Set3DFloor (tag, 1, 8, 51)