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187:Sector_SetFloorPanning (tag, u-int, u-frac, v-int, v-frac)

  • tag: Tag of affected sector
  • u-int: Integral part of the horizontal offset
  • u-frac: Fractional part of the horizontal offset
  • v-int: Integral part of the vertical offset
  • v-frac: Fractional part of the vertical offset

Pans the floor texture in the specified sector horizontally (x) and/or vertically (y). The formula for selecting a panning value for the two parts is the same as for Sector_SetGravity. Example: Horizontal panning is calculated as u-int + (u-frac * 0.01). For most purposes, you can probably leave the ?-frac parts as 0 and just set the ?-int parts.


If you are using UDMF and do not intend to modify the floor's panning later on, you can directly set this in fixed point under the sector's custom tab.