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int SetActorFlag (int tid, str flagname, bool value);


Change the value of a flag on the actor(s) with the specified TID.


  • tid: TID of the actor(s) to affect. Use 0 to refer to the activator.
  • flagname: Name of the flag to change.
  • value: The new flag value.

Return value

The number of actors affected. Actors that match the TID but don't have the flag are not counted (e.g. changing a player flag on a non-player).


This script spawns a Soulsphere as a secret item.

 script "SpawnSecretSoulsphere" (int spottid)
   int soulsphere_tid = 100;
   if (SpawnSpotForced("Soulsphere", spottid, soulsphere_tid))
     SetActorFlag(soulsphere_tid, "COUNTSECRET", TRUE);

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