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Action Void SetCamera (Actor cam, bool revert = false)


Sets the players' camera to the actor specified on the cam parameter. Does nothing if not called from a player.


  • Cam - An actor pointer to the actor to set the calling players' view to.
  • Revert - False by default, when set to true. The player will be able to revert back to their original view by moving. This is the same as in the ChangeCamera ACS function.


This special pistol has an altfire that changes the players' camera to that of their attacker, if any. But the player can get out of their attackers' view by simply moving.

Class AttackerCamPistol : Pistol
			PISG A 4
				//Ensure the pistol has an owner, and that owner is a player.
				If (Invoker.Owner && Invoker.Owner.Player)
					Invoker.Owner.SetCamera (Invoker.Owner.Player.Attacker,True); //Sets the camera of the player to their attacker, if any. With the ability to revert back to their view by moving.
			Goto Ready;