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void SetLineTexture(int lineid, int line_side, int sidedef_texture, str texturename);


SetLineTexture will change the specified texture on all lines with the line id number specified (assigned by Line_SetIdentification or directly in UDMF). For readability, line_side and sidedef_texture have some definitions in zdef.acs:

  • SIDE_FRONT — front of the linedef (front sidedef)
  • SIDE_BACK — back of the linedef (back sidedef)
  • TEXTURE_TOP — upper texture of sidedef
  • TEXTURE_MIDDLE — middle texture of sidedef
  • TEXTURE_BOTTOM — lower texture of sidedef


  • lineid: the line id of the lines to change.
  • line_side: the side of the line to change.
  • sidedef_texture: which texture to change.
  • texturename: the texture that will be set on the line. Using "-" means to remove a texture.


script 1 (int line1, int line2, int line3)
    SetLineTexture(line1, SIDE_FRONT, TEXTURE_MIDDLE, "-"); //remove middle 
    SetLineTexture(line1, SIDE_BACK, TEXTURE_MIDDLE, "-"); //floating texture

    SetLineTexture(line2, SIDE_BACK, TEXTURE_TOP, "BFALL1");
    SetLineTexture(line3, SIDE_BACK, TEXTURE_BOTTOM, "FOOTEX01");