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void SetSectorDamage (int tag, int amount [, string damagetype [, int interval [, int leaky]]])


Sets a sector's damage properties. This is a variant of the Sector_SetDamage special that can take actual damage types as a parameter. Damage settings from regular Doom sector types or UDMF map settings will be overridden by this.


  • tag: Tag of the affected sector.
  • amount: Amount of damage to apply.
  • damagetype: Damage type to inflict. Default is "None".
  • interval: Time between two inflictions of damage in tics. Default is 32.
  • leaky: Probability of a radiation suit "leaking" damage. A value of 0 means it does not leak while a value of 256 means that the suit has no effect at all. Doom's 20% damage sector type uses a value of 5. Default is 0.


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