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190:Static_Init (tag, prop, flip/ceiling, movetype)

  • tag: Tag of affected sector, or lineid of concerned linedefs.
  • prop: Sector property to set.
  • flip/ceiling: If prop is set to 255, this is a boolean for whether to flip the sky texture. If prop is set to 3, this is a boolean for whether the control surface is the ceiling or not (and it not, obviously, it's the floor).
  • movetype: If prop is set to 3, determines which type of movement to use, using the same values as in Sector_SetLink.

Sets a sector property during level initialization. Static_Init was designed to copy the functionality of several Boom, MBF and Eternity Engine linetypes; the specific action depends on the second argument.

Value Function Notes
0 Gravity Sets the gravity in tagged sectors to the length of the linedef (333 in Doom-format maps).
1 Color Sets the light or fog color in a sector. An RRGGBB hex format color used as an upper texture name will set the light color; a lower texture will set the fog color.
2 Damage Sets damage in tagged sectors to the length of the linedef (335 in Doom-format maps).
3 Link Defines a sector link with line IDs instead of tags, as in Eternity.
253 Sector Define special handling for adding Eternity Engine ExtraData to sector and line. Used by XLAT for Eternity levels.
254 Line
255 Sky Uses the line's upper texture as the sky in any tagged sectors (that is, the sky flat will be replaced with that texture instead of the sky indicated in MAPINFO). If flip is set to 1, the texture will be flipped, as is normal behavior for Doom skies. Offsets and scrolling of the texture are transferred to the sky as well. Scrolling, however, is only at a tiny fraction of the wall texture's scrolling speed. This corresponds to the MBF sky transfer linetypes (271 and 272).

Note: The line's lower texture, if set and of the same dimensions as the upper texture, will be used during lightning flashes.

Conversions from linedef types

The following Doom map format types can be converted as Static_Init:

Type Conversion Trigger
MiniEternityLogoIcon.pngEternity 270:ExtraDataLine Static_Init (tag, 254)
MiniMBFLogoIcon.pngMBF 271:Transfer Sky Texture Static_Init (tag, 255, 0)
MiniMBFLogoIcon.pngMBF 272:Transfer Sky Texture (Flipped) Static_Init (tag, 255, 1)
MiniLegacyLogoIcon.pngLegacy 282:Set Color (Upper Light, Lower Fog) Static_Init (tag, 1)
MiniZDoomLogoIcon.pngZDoom 333 Static_Init (tag, 0)
MiniZDoomLogoIcon.pngZDoom 334 Static_Init (tag, 1)
MiniZDoomLogoIcon.pngZDoom 335 Static_Init (tag, 2)
MiniEternityLogoIcon.pngEternity 379:Attach_SetCeilingControl Static_Init (tag, 3, 1)
MiniEternityLogoIcon.pngEternity 380:Attach_SetFloorControl Static_Init (tag, 3, 0)
MiniEternityLogoIcon.pngEternity 381:Attach_FloorToControl Static_Init (0, 3, 0, 1)
MiniEternityLogoIcon.pngEternity 382:Attach_CeilingToControl Static_Init (0, 3, 1, 2)
MiniEternityLogoIcon.pngEternity 383:Attach_MirrorFloorToControl Static_Init (0, 3, 0, 5)
MiniEternityLogoIcon.pngEternity 384:Attach_MirrorCeilingToControl Static_Init (0, 3, 0, 10)
MiniEternityLogoIcon.pngEternity 401:ExtraDataSector Static_Init (tag, 253)

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