Strife spawn numbers

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Spawn numbers are the numbers used by specials such as Thing_Spawn to spawn actors in the game once the user has started playing the map.

Note: Contrarily to the other games supported by ZDoom, Strife doesn't make much use of spawn numbers. Most Strife actors do not have an associated spawn number, and ZDefs.acs doesn't contain identifier constants so here class names are used instead.

ClipOfBullets           11
LeatherArmor            68
MetalArmor              69
EnergyPod               75
ShadowArmor             135
EnvironmentalSuit       136
StrifeMap               137
BoxOfBullets            139
MiniMissiles            140
CrateOfMissiles         141
EnergyPack              142
AmmoSatchel             144

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