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I dunno guys, I thought this might be a nice page for the noobs. I didn't know what else to call it, and commands wasn't taken. If you have better ideas, or think it's crapola, trash it. Or cut and paste it elsewhere, or whatever. Mmmmmk?

Should be called "Command-line Parameters". Bloodshedder 21:45, 6 Feb 2004 (PST)

And now it is (with out the hyphen). -- Randy Heit 15:11, 7 Feb 2004 (PST)

Using the run command

Say guys, anyone know how to make the run box remember the zdoom path? So instead of me typing "c:/doom2/zdoom.exe" -stuff I could just type zdoom - stuff?

AFAIK you can't make it "remember" the ZDoom folder, but I suppose you could try adding it to the path variable.

Is it that hard to click the down arrow and select the last command-line you typed, then just make edits to that? :)

Yes >:O