Taufan99 Mod

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taufan99 mod
Author Taufan "taufan99" Atalarik
Port ZDoom
IWAD MiniDoom2LogoIcon.png
Status Released
Link Forum topic, some screenshots also here.


taufan99 mod is a mod created by taufan99, who at the time the mod was released, was just 12. It is more focused in weapons modification and enemies modification (although almost all of them were taken from Realm667), along with addition and/or change of some texts to make them "humorous", although the humors are usually immature (considering taufan99's age at the time) and puzzling (with one of them referencing Cabela). Later, after the "updates" of the mod, taufan99 went on hiatus for two years, thinking what he had done was very childish.

Change Log

v2.3 : New weapons and enemies, instead of Spawner, the code used is now RandomSpawner.

v2.2 : Imp Claw now has its alt. fire (melee attack which sometimes has a ridiculously impossible power, maybe? I forgot many things about it... because it's just jerky!).

v2.1 : Chainsaw Zombies' sprites bugs are now removed.

v2 : Some of resources are removed and some are added.

v1 : Initial release. Yay!