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Team Fortress Mod
Author Chaosvolt
Port ZDoom
IWAD MiniDoom2LogoIcon.png
Status Released
Link Team Fortress Mod at Doomworld/idgames

Team Fortress Mod is a gameplay mod from Doom 2 and Final Doom by Chaosvolt, featuring 10 classes derived from the Team Fortress series, with a particular focus on Team Fortress Classic.

It was inspired by the Skulltag-specific mod Doom Fortress, though made without ACS scripting. As Decorate-only coding precludes major TF mainstays like backstabs and headshots, this was a particular hindrance to the author.

An initial, half-complete version was released in 2011, having only about half the classes implemented. In 2013 a major update was released that implemented all the classes, with the addition of special ammo for certain class abilities, and grenades (accessed by an unintuitive second press of any weapon key). Each class also has a particular coloration associated with them, replacing the default ZDoom options (unless using a custom color).


Civilian - Effectively a joke class, as the mod does not implement the "protect the VIP" game mode the class was originally designed for. Has a meager 50 health and no initial armor, with only fists to defend himself with. Not even grenades.

Demoman - The classic explosives expert, having two different grenade launchers, one of which fires remote-detonated pipebombs. His weapons all have an altfire that detonate any bombs he has deployed. His version of the hand grenade releases multiple small bomblets after detonating, functioning like his MIRV grenade does in TFC. He is hindered by using only 2 types of ammo (3 if you count hand grenades), and the fact most of his weapons have reduced effectiveness on the cyberdemon and spider mastermind.

Engineer - Like in all the Team Fortress games he relies on deploying a sentry to back him up, accessed as an altfire for his second weapon. His melee weapon (not a wrench, by the way) has an altfire that can repair his contraptions (or other non-player actors, actually). Unlike the classic TF engineer, he has no ability to build dispensers or teleporters, nor can he upgrade his sentry gun. However, he can deploy more than one sentry at a time.

Heavy - The toughest and slowest class, relying on his more potent version of the chaingun. Despite this he suffers from his main gun burning up ammo quickly, and only having shotguns to fall back on. As in TFC, he uses MIRV grenades like the Demoman does.

Medic - Just like his TFC counterpart, his healing item is derived from his close-range weapon (resembling the fists, again). Unlike classic TFC, his stimpack-creating altfire drains special ammo. He fares better than most specialist classes in the offensive department, due to having the plasma rifle instead of a plasma pistol (the Doom counterparts of the nailgun and super nailgun of TF and TFC).

Pyro - Relies on the flamethrower and incindiary cannon, both of which produce flames that linger around the area they hit. The sheer ability to pile on damage with the flamethrower has made the pyro an overpowered class ever since his appearance in the 2011 version. Like his TFC counterpart, he gains napalm grenades that add more ways to burn enemies to death.

Scout - The inverse of the heavy, having speed instead of durability. His lack of hard-hitting weapons encourage him to play hit-and-run, as bog-standard hand grenades (not concussion grenades or caltrops, like in TFC) are the only high-power weapons he has.

Sniper - Lacking the ability to aim for the head, the sniper's main weapon instead functions as a railgun, and can zoom in with altfire. Like his TF counterparts though, zooming in does make his shots hit harder.

Soldier - The most familiar class to classic Doom players, as he relies on shotguns and the rocket launcher. The only unique feature is his version of the hand grenade, which fires plasma all around (continuing the theme of plasma weapons standing in for Quake-style nails).

Spy - The third class to have any use for special ammo, as his weapons all have an altfire that grants the effects of a blur sphere. His melee weapon also gains a substantial damage boost when cloaked (by finding a powerup, or through his own cloaking) to make up for being unable to backstab foes. His second weapon also fires shots that deal a small amount of damage over time, and stuns monsters. He also has an imitation of the disguise ability by being able to use any of the player colors used by other classes.

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