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78:TeleportInSector (tag, source_tid, dest_tid, fog, group_tid)

  • tag: Tag of the sector from which will be teleported.
  • source_tid: The spot relative to which to teleport.
  • dest_tid: The destination spot relative to which to spawn.
  • fog: Spawn with or without fog. (0 = no fog, 1 = fog)
  • group_tid: The TID of the thing(s) to teleport. If 0, teleports all actors in the sector

Teleport a group of actors in a sector. source_tid is used as a reference point so that they end up in the same position relative to dest_tid. group_tid can be used to not teleport all actors in the sector.

Note that the “destination spot” must be a Teleport Destination. Using a Map Spot for the destination will not work. Also, if the special is to be used for teleportation while the actor is in a moving elevator, use the destination with z-height and gravity. This is particularly true for use with elevators that use the Sector_Set3dFloor special for their floors and ceilings, since otherwise the actor risks ending up on the floor of the sector in which the elevator is rising/lowering.