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17:Thing_Raise (tid, nocheck)

  • tid: The TID of the thing(s) you want to resurrect.
  • nocheck: If non-zero, no check for room before resurrecting is performed.

Resurrects the specified thing like an archvile does. If tid is 0, it tries to resurrect the activator. This special does not work on players.


This script will print a message on the screen and cause the tagged monsters to resurrect, though it will only do that on skill difficulty 3 or higher.

Script 1 (int tid)
  If(GameSkill() >= SKILL_HARD)
    Print(s:"Prepare to die!!");

This zombie will keep coming back up each time it is dispatched normally without being gibbed.

ACTOR ResZombieMan : ZombieMan
    POSS H 5
    POSS I 5 A_Scream
    POSS J 5 A_NoBlocking
    POSS K 5
    POSS L random(35, 105) // Wait between 1-3 seconds before rising
    POSS L -1 Thing_Raise(0)

Note that for the special to have an effect like in the above example, the state from which the special is called has to have an infinite duration (this is not the case if the CanRaise state flag is used).