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Things can execute most of the action specials ZDoom offers (all except the handful of line-only ones); however, certain things execute them in certain ways (or when a certain action happens to them).

Note: The Activation property allows to change the ways an actor executes its special. The BUMPSPECIAL and USESPECIAL flags allow to add other ways to get an actor to execute its special.

Shootable Things

This includes monsters as well as breakable items such as the clay pots in Hexen. These things will execute their action special when their health reached less than or equal to zero (in other words, when they die or break open).

Inventory Items

This includes items such as weapons, health pickups, keycards, ammo, powerups and all other classes derived from Inventory. These items will execute their special when they are picked up.

Note that because of the way Doom's pickup code works, assigning a pickup a teleport special will not work as intended. It is recommended that you have the pickup execute an ACS script which teleports the player instead.

Patrol Special

This is a fairly obscure thing that will execute its special when the patrol point with the same TID is reached by the thing on the patrol route. For instance, if you have an imp patrolling from patrol point 7 to patrol point 8 and you have a patrol special thing with a tid of 8 on the map somewhere then when that imp reaches patrol 8, whatever special is attached to the patrol special will execute.

Interpolation Special

On a very similar note the Interpolation Special thing will do the same exact thing as a Patrol Special except that it works for things following a path of interpolation points (using an actor mover, a moving camera or another type of path follower).

Sector Action Things

There are eleven total of these and each will execute their attached special when a certain action occurs. Here's a list:

In the case of the first five things, if its AMBUSH flag is set then a monster can also trigger it, and if it is flagged to be DORMANT, then a projectile can also trigger it. It will also remove itself after its first use if the STANDSTILL flag is set. The next four are used in conjunction with Transfer_Heights and only work for the player. The final two also work only for the player and must be executed within range of a linedef without a special. In the case of thing 9995 the player must be in the same sector as the sector action thing and just press used from anywhere within the sector, but out of range of a wall with a special.