Tower of Pain

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The reception committee.
Tower of Pain
Author Udderdude
Port ZDoom
IWAD MiniHereticLogoIcon.png
Status Released
Link Tower of Pain at Doomworld/idgames


The top of the tower.

Tower of Pain is a single-level map for Heretic by Udderdude. As usual with this author's projects, the gameplay is centered on cramped areas packed tight with monsters, and ACS is used to force the player to be relentlessly aggressive, generally by blocking a doorway as soon as it is passed through and spawning additional monsters all around. Although there are no new enemies, translations are used to provide more variety by adding blue gargoyles and silver golems to the mix.

The tower is comprised of five stories, from the ground floor to the very summit. In the middle of each floor is a grand stair leading to a couple of teleporters acting as lifts, one going up one level and the other down one level. (The ground floor, of course, has only one teleporter.) The door to the teleporters is locked in the first three levels, and in the fourth it is tied to the health of the boss, a maulotaur that awaits you on the terrace. The very last floor only contains a mystic urn in a small room; your mission is to retrieve this artifact, picking it up ends the level.

This map served as a base for E4M5 of Hordes of Chaos.