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Upheaval, a wad created by Pure Hellspawn for version 2.0.96, uses ACS Scripting and DECORATE and all those other terms that I don't have any idea what they mean yet I know enough to program them.

This wad is going to be big hopefully so right now it's 1-2 to 33% done. I currently have 1 map

Progress can be seen at www.freewebs.com/mydoompage and clicking on Doom Projects.


Click this link to see two rooms. Every single room in this wad will have scripting.

Credits go to whomever made the Monster Resource wad, DomRem (for answering my questions), CodeImp (for Doom Builder), Randy Heit (for ZDoom and this page), Linguica (for Doomworld), ID Software (for DOOM), and Pure Hellspawn (for actually building this level and naming it, scripting it).

Now for Progress:

Map 1 is done!!

Project is on hold (but not abandoned) at the moment. I have quite a few other important issues I must deal with. Sorry for the inconvience.