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Cutman, also known as Cutmanmike or "Cutty" for short. Cutman is mainly modder of ZDoom and creates WADs with usually one thing in mind: To enhance or change the way Doom plays. He is also one of the active moderators of the Wiki.

ZDoom Projects

Cutman has released a handful of projects with different themes. He started out by releasing a few personal projects he made for his local friends. A few of these were "platform levels" which were extremely simple but required the player to climb huge mountains and structures by jumping. These wads were more of a novelty and were never considered major projects (although they are still available on his website). He later released a different genre of wad called "spacedie", which was an edited deathmatch level with an abandoned space station theme. The modified wad included a Alien monster which ran at high speeds and appeared from a dark level of the space station to scare players. The amount of feedback he got from scared players inspired him to make more "horror" WADs.

In Progress

Megaman 8-bit Deathmatch


Ghouls vs Humans
The Ghoul's Forest
The Ghoul's Forest 2
The Ghoul's Forest 3
Zdoom Catch The Chicken
ZDoom Portal Gun
Zombi Outbreak

Dead projects

Eternal Slumber

External Links - His website.