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DomRem's User Page


Welcome to my user page. I am DomRem, a 14-year-old avid Doomer and sports fan. I am basically a new member to the ZDoom Forums, as only recently did I reach my two-month anniversary of joining, and have spent most of my time assisting with projects created by others.

Before I joined the site, I didn't even know what a wiki was. Now, I love using them. In fact, I have created wiki pages for other projects, like the Weapons Resource WAD, when I really didn't have much to do with it beforehand. So, if you would like me to create a wiki page for your project, leave a message at my talk page, along with info about it. I will do my best to make a quality page.


This is not a list of wads I've created; it is actually a list of wads that I've helped with in one way or another. I plan to make wiki pages for them all:


News related to projects I am currently helping/working with:

Weapons Resource WAD
  • July 30 - Version 1.2a of the Weapons Resource WAD is released, including 5 new weapons by 3 contributors and a remade Reincarnator.
  • July 29 - ZDCMP#2 will be split into a hub after the level size grows too large.
  • July 22 - Build 1.2 of the Weapons Resource WAD is released. It includes 5 new weapons and guns by three new contributors.
  • July 18 - The host of the Weapons Resource WAD officially changes from Freewebs to ChaosCentral's download centre. The move will result in faster downloading as DomRem will handle updating in the future.
  • July 17 - Talonos announces that the second round of the ZDCMP#2 will begin on Friday, July 21, five days after the first round ends.

Quote of the Week

"You know you're on a downhill slope when KoF bashes you for n00biness."
TheDarkArchon responds to KingofFlames's bashing of signofzeta about
Randy's reply(last week's quote)