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A screenshot of the Multi-Projectile Weapon
Weapons Resource WAD
Author Various (see below)
Port ZDoom
IWAD Unknown
Status Released
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The Weapons Resource WAD (or WRW) is a collection of new DECORATE weapons created for editors to use in their own projects. It was started on June 13, 2005 by Hobbs in light of the Monster Resource Wad, a popular compilation of monsters free to use in other wads, and is the project the WRW is based off of. Therefore, it is one of a number of spinoffs of the Monster Resource Wad, but only the second to be eventually released to the /idgames archives. It was created for the ZDoom Community Build and is not entirely compatible with ZDoom.

Seventy-two weapons, some of which are remakes of ones found in different games, while others are completely original, make up the wad, along with a demo level. They were crafted by volunteer members of the ZDoom community. Weapons were submitted to an appointed judge panel at the WRW's ZDoom Forums thread, who rated the guns and subsequently decided whether they were included or not.

The WAD was planned to be forever ongoing, with new versions being released as submissions and interest continued. However, after the release of version 2.1, many forum members expressed their disapproval with the WAD, saying it had turned into a random mishmash of mostly mediocre weapons. Eventually, as interest was lost by forum members and judges, the project was officially ended on July 31, 2006, and has since been replaced by the Armory Resource Wad at the Doom Armory, hosted by DRDTeam.org.

Rules and submitting

Submissions took place at the Weapons Resource WAD thread found at the ZDoom Forums. Once there, it was rated by three appointed judges, with a secondary judge who took the place of rating a weapon if another judge themselves submitted a weapon. Overall, the weapon must have garnered a score of 9/15 to make it into the wad; lower scoring weapons were not accepted, but could later be resubmitted if changes were made, especially for bugfixes.

During its one-year existence, the WRW saw many changes among the judges. Hobbs would eventually resign from the leading role on August 27, 2005, and the WRW was taken over by DomRem. TheDarkArchon, the final leader, acted as one of the three judges, along with DomRem and Inuyasha_989; Chronoteeth and Cutmanmike were former judges. Froon played the role of the secondary judge.

Rules allowed anyone to submit a weapon. General guidelines to follow, as originally stated by Hobbs, were:

  • The weapon must be in DECORATE
  • The weapon must work properly - All states should function, and in general there shouldn't be :anything anyone else has to do to fix it.
  • The weapon is balanced - This will be decided by a group of judges, and should be based on :wildweasel's Power Level system (explained in the weapons section).
  • The weapon comes with sprites - They must look decent; however it doesn't matter if they're ripped/modified.
  • The weapon should try to be original - While originality isn't key, it is good.

A weapon had to have been created by the person who submitted it, unless the true author gave permission. However, authors were allowed to submit weapons already included in their own projects, with ZDGuns and Tainted Decorum guns making appearances in the wad.


Power Level 1

Starting weapon quality. About on par with the Pistol or Fist.

  • Gauntlet(HobbsTiger1): A rip from the Hexen Fighter's fist, this weapon is a more powerful version of the regular fist.
  • Tazor(HellsBane): A metallic rod which you can use to electrocute your enemies.
  • Walther PPK(NecroMage): A powerful, silenced pistol.
  • Quake Axe(Wills): The axe from Quake.
  • .20 Pistol(Daniel): This gun fires at a slightly faster rate with a bit more power than the normal pistol. From ZDGuns.
  • Sonic Pistol(Inuyasha_989): A small energy pistol that fires out 3 "sonic waves" per shot.
  • Harpoon(Froon): This weapon fires a chained harpoon out that, when it hits and enemy, pulls that enemy directly at you. The alternate attack is a kick.
  • FLCL Guitar(Inuyasha_989): A guitar that does moderate damage to enemies.
  • Unarmed(DoomRater): Enhanced fighting style for the Doomguy.
  • Halo Pistol(Caligari_87) : A pistol that is based on Halo. also has a melee attack.

Power Level 2

Secondary weapons, such as the Shotgun or Chainsaw.

  • Imp Claw(Bouncy): This weapon fires imp fireballs at enemies at a slow rate of fire. Has infinite ammo.
  • XB-4 Sniper Rifle(killingblair): A sniper rifle that will take out nearly every zombie or imp you face in one shot, and is generally best used against weaker monsters.
  • COP Derringer(Xaser): A powerful pistol that must be reloaded manually using the secondary fire button. Holds 4 bullets.
  • Flak Cannon(ant1991331): A replica of the Unreal gun, this fires shrapnel which will proceed to fly around everywhere in the room if it doesn't initally make contact with an enemy. Don't expect it to kill everything in one shot as it normally does in Unreal multiplayer, though.
  • Heavy Rifle(ZChronos): A gun which fires a high-speed "bullet" instead of firing a bullet-puff. Kill's most lesser enemies with one shot.
  • Half-Life Magnum(Bashe): A fairly powerful, high-accuracy magnum, ripped from Half-Life.
  • Automatic Shotgun(TheDarkArchon): A powerful shotgun which holds 5 shells before it has to reloads, emits smoke and an empty casing with each shot. Altfire manually reloads.
  • SMG(Daniel): This little Uzi fires at almost twice the rate of the normal chaingun. From ZDGuns.
  • Duke3D Shotgun(Daniel): An almost port of the Duke Nukem 3D shotgun. From ZDGuns.
  • Alpha Rifle(Inuyasha_989): Taken from Doom Alpha 0.4. Primary fire fires a single, powerful shot. Secondary fire is a bayonette thrust.
  • G36K Assault Rifle(TheDarkArchon): An assault rife that fires fairly powerful bullets. Primary fire is a full-auto attack. Secondary fire fires in 3-rounds bursts more accurate than full auto From Tainted Decorum.
  • Glock 17(WildWeasel,DoomRater): Modified from Weasels upcoming mod "The Stranger", this weapon is semi-automatic and has a 17-round clip before it has to reload. Firing rapidly decreases accuracy. Secondary fire reloads.
  • Hand Grenade(Froon): This weapon is thrown, with strength varying on how long the fire button is held. This weapon has no secondary fire.
  • Halo Shotgun(Caligari_87): This weapon is based on halo. like the pistol above.

Power Level 3

Heavier weapons like the Chaingun or Plasma Rifle.

  • Charged Plasma Bolter(wildweasel): A weapon that fires a large blast of plasma. Continuing to hold down the fire button will shoot out a stream of less damaging plasma. Effective weapon of the pack against a mixed group of monsters.
  • Super Imp Claw(Bouncy): Similar to the standard Imp Claw with a higher rate of fire. Has infinite ammo.
  • Fire Wand(HobbsTiger1): A wand that shoots fire. Using this in close quarters will damage yourself.
  • Lightsaber(Cutmanmike): Iconic weapon from Star Wars. Primary fire swings the weapon, causing heavy damage. Alternate fire reflects projectiles away from the user.
  • Pipebomb(Xaser): This weapon acts like it's Duke Nukem 3D counter part. Firing this weapon once throws a pipebomb in front of the user. Firing for a second time will detonate the bomb.
  • Flamethrower(Bouncy): A constant-fire flame gun. It takes deals damage quickly but goes through ammo at a high rate.
  • Burst Shotgun(Inuyasha_989): A shotgun that fires in bursts of 5 before reloading.
  • Blaster Pistol(Inuyasha_989): An energy pistol that fires small trailing plasma shots. Altfire fires at twice the rate for twice the ammo.
  • Crystal Gun(Daniel): This gun fires out a homing ice crystal that freezes its foes. From ZDGuns.
  • Railgun(Daniel): A rifle that fires a medium powered railgun shot. Good for lined up smaller demons. From ZDGuns.
  • Quad Shotgun(Daniel): A high-powered shotgun that fires with deadly accuracy. This weapon can defeat the tougher demons in a few shots. Too offset this, the weapon has a slow rate of fire. From ZDGuns.
  • Samus Arm Cannon(Inuyasha_989): Taken from the Metroid Prime games. There are 2 versions of the gun - Normal energy fire and the Ice beam. Both weapons fire mini-rockets as a secondary fire.
  • XA-532 Minigun(TheDarkArchon): This weapon has a massive rate of fire and each shot is powerful. However, it's innaccurate and produces lots of smoke which obscures vision. Also, the weapon overheats if fired for too long which massively reduces the rate of fire. From Tainted Decorum.
  • Tripheleron Ion Blaster(Inuyasha_989): Fires a powerful blue ball which goes through enemies, doing heavy damage. Has a slow rate of fire and has a trail which can be used to trace the user.
  • Throwing Knives(Inuyasha_989): These knives are thrown at the enemy, causing have damage. Once they've hit the target, they can be picked up and re-used provided they can be reached.
  • Woe Without End Shotgun(Froon): This double-barreled shotgun fires buckshot rather than puffs in a similar manner to the "Heavy Rifle". Primary fire fires the barrels one at a time, where secondary fire fires both barrels at once.
  • Multi-wand(Froon): A weapon that can have several modes of operations, depending on special items in the players inventory.
  • Halo Machine Gun(Caligari_87): A Machine gun that is based on the halo version. play halo and find out.
  • Flare Pistol(Bouncy): A pistol that shoots out flares. close quarters of use are not recommended.
  • Ice Pistol(Lord Mattus, Doomrater): This pistol can fire ice puffs on the enemy you hit. close quarters of use are not recommended
  • MP Lazer(MaxPower8905): This weapon can fire rail shots and can also fire a plasma laser.
  • RhinoStopper(Doomrater): This shotgun can fire bullets and also has a melee attack.

Power Level 4

Rocket Launchers or other powerful weapons.

  • Multi-Projectile Weapon(TheDarkArchon): The projectile this fires out depends on how long you hold down the fire button. The more lights on the weapon that turn red, the more powerful the blast and the more ammo used. One light fires a strong green plasma ball and uses 10 cells, two lights sends fires three slightly-stronger homing yellow plasma balls and uses 30 cells, and three lights fires a powerful red blast and a energy shotgun spread for 50 cells.
  • Insanity Rifle(Kirby): A powerful weapon which fires six deadly red plasma shots at a time. Useful, but look out for the combination of its quick rate of fire and usage of 30 cells per shot.
  • Demon Hand(wario): A nice-looking red gnarled hand. It fires a large green ball which not only does a significant amount of damage to the target, but also splits into smaller blasts when it comes in contact with something.
  • Molotov Cocktail(Scientist): Another self-explanatory weapon name. As you hold it, the room flashes with the light from the fire. When you throw this at an enemy, fire will erupt out of the broken bottle and burn whatever manages to survive the initial blow. Do not try using this close-range.
  • Seeker Missile Launcher(NecroMage): Although it is rather weird-looking, it's a souped-up rocket launcher that does more damage and seeks whatever the player was aiming at.
  • Random Projectile Launcher(Inuyasha_989): A weapon using a "new prototype energy" that can fire out a spread of five of almost any projectile in Doom, plus a few new ones from the Monster Resource Wad.
  • Land Mines(Inuyasha_989): Tosses a small landmine that will explode if other players or demons touch it.
  • Fire Bomb Launcher(Daniel): Inspired by Rise of the Triad, This is a special rocket launcher that fires out a fire bomb which spreads its explosion throughout the room. It's heavy splash damage means close range usage is not recommended. From ZDGuns.
  • Poison Gun(Daniel): This weapon fires a poison canister which spreads poison gas at a certain radius. Very powerful against tougher enemies and large groups. From ZDGuns.
  • Devastator(Daniel): Taken from Duke Nukem 3D, a mounted double-barrel mini rocket launcher fires mini rockets at a high rate of fire. From ZDGuns.
  • Grenade Launcher(Daniel): This weapons fires bouncy grenades with timed explosions. Be awefully careful where you fire this weapon or the grenades can bounce back to you! From ZDGuns.
  • Alpha Unmaker(TheDarkArchon): This weapon, derived from the Doom Bible, uses demon energy to launch special blood-shots. Secondary fire is a more powerful shot, but takes longer to fire and recover. This gun can be automatically recharged with the help of valuable "chi" gems dropped by arch-viles. Includes a powered up version. From Tainted Decorum
  • Blaster Rifle(Killer_of_Doom): A fairly powerful rifle that fires high-powered plasma with a trail in a weaving pattern. Secondary fire fires a charged shot that bursts in a scatter grenade pattern which can cause slowdown if used in a small area. Each shot has splash damage so using this weapon in close combat isn't a good idea.
  • C01d Ice Cannon(TheDarkArchon): This weapon fires balls of ice which freezes opponents on death. This weapon can operate if it has no ammo, but it fires weaker balls at a slower rate of fire in this state. From Tainted Decorum.
  • Photon Rifle(TheDarkArchon): Inspired by the TimeSplitters games, this weapon fires powerful energy shots at a high rate of fire, though accuracy suffers because of this. A special feature of this weapon is that rate of fire increases the longer the trigger is held down. However, this weapon is prone to overheating during which time it is innoperable. Secondary fire is a beam attack which can go through multiple opponents. As with primary fire, extended fire overheats the weapon. From Tainted Decorum.
  • Demonic Firepower(Inuyasha_989): Demonic in appearance and nature, this weapon sets all those near the user a flame, causing massive damage. Due to the flames, the close quarters usage of this weapon is not recommended.
  • Graviton Cannon(Kirby): This weapon can push monsters, such as the cyberdemon to the wall. close quarters of usage are not recommended

Power Level 5

Ultimate Weapon caliber. All your Wraithverges, BFG's, and IWBG's go here.

  • Serious Bomb(Cutmanmike): Takenfrom Serious Sam, This weapon takes about three seconds to explode once lit. When it does it destroys almost everything that is in your sight. Bosses are immune to this weapon.
  • Trail Gun(Post): The primary fire of this weapon is a powerful, piercing green ray. Secondary fire is a more powerful blast that uses twice the ammo, has a limited range and bounces off walls. This weapon has a large ammo cunsumption rate. It's recommended use is against non-boss monsters.
  • Freezer(Cutmanmike): Taken from Duke Nukem 3D. Primary fire launches ice stars that bounce off walls that freeze monsters if fatal. Secondary fire is an icy mist that can also freeze monsters.
  • Gyro Plasma Burster(TheDarkArchon): This large weapon fires a huge green ball which floats forward for several seconds with no activity and then fires plasma in a revolving motion. Similar to the Frozen Orb from Diablo and the Gyro Burster from Jak 3
  • BFG 2704(Inuyasha_989): A recreation of the weapon with the same name from the Doom Press Release. This weapon fires 60 times every time the fire button is pressed and can do heavy damage.
  • Incendiary Shell Launcher(TheDarkArchon): This gun fires a shell that, when it comes in contact with something, causes a big explosion of flames in a wide area, causing large amounts of damage to everything in the area. Bosses are almost immune to this weapon. Useage in close quarters is not recommended.
  • BFG 11000(Wario): Fires a large BFG Ball that spreads with many smaller ones and Red plasma in almost all directions. Close quarters use is not recommended.
  • Barnicle Plasma Twine(Chronoteeth, TheDarkArchon): This weapon that fires out "Barnicle Plasma" shots that bounce around and rip through foes, doing heavy damage.
  • Enlightening Staff(Froon): A very powerful mystic weapon. Fires a special blast that homes in on enemies and causes heavy damage. Also possessing the power to fire around corners if there's an enemy around it.
  • BloodSkull(Killer_of_Doom): This weapon drains from the users health to create a devastating attack. Secondary fire takes more health to cause more damage.
  • BFG 16500(Bouncy): Fires a large BFG Ball that spreads with 1st the big projectiles. and then the small projectiles. close quarters use is not recommended.
  • BFG Zero(LilWhiteMouse) : This weapon fires a line of BFG trails. When Equiped with the Part, it fires a ball to make it more powerful. close quarters use is not recommended.
  • BFG 9k5(Froon) : A Weapon that fires a BFG ball that rails the enemys that it goes near. Close quarters use is not recommended.
  • Energy Field(Lord Mattus, Caligari_87): Based on the Bosses Resource Wad's Uber Zombie, this weapon fires a field of energy, causing severe damage.

Power Level N

These weapons attack indirectly or not at all.

  • Vile Staff(Cutmanmike): Resurrects monsters to fight on your side. The primary fire revives an enemy in front of you. Secondary fire uses more ammo and causes dead enemies in a large distance reawaken to fight for you.
  • Phobos Dust Blower(Marty Razor Kirra): Fires rounds and rounds of dust particles forwards that repels enemies and projectiles. Using this weapon for extended periods causes dust build up, damaging the user.
  • Demon Spawner(ChaosCentral): Primary fire shoots a spawn cube that spawns a random small demon (from a zombieman to a spectre) to fight along side you. Alternate fire uses more ammo to spawn a more powerful demon (from a Cacodemon to an Archvile).
  • Necronomicon(Froon): This book casts a spell which summons a ghost that revives dead demons to your side. Alt fire drains more mana and summons a malicious ghost that will attack your enemies before resurrecting them.
  • Polymorph(Froon): This weapon fires morphing plasma which morphs any enemy to either a pig or a chicken.

Use of weapons

All the materials in the Weapons Resource WAD were created for others to use in their own projects. The aim of the project was not to be a massive weapon modification. If used in a wad, proper credit must be given to the author(s) of the weapon. There is no need to ask for permission.

Additional credits

The size of the credits section in the text file eventually forced a limit in which individuals were only listed if they had contributed a weapon and/or many other closely-related things that assisted the project. This ended up leaving others, or other miscellaneous things they did to help the project, out. Therefore, they are listed here as additional credits:

  • ChaosCentral for his excellent DECORATE weapons guide
  • Tormentor667 for giving suggestions
  • Daniel for permission of usage of weapons from ZDGuns
  • TheDarkArchon for permission of usage of weapons from Tainted Decorum
  • Sir_Alien for a major clean-up of the scripts


  • As of July 2006, the WRW thread had nearly 80,000 views, third only to the Fake Screenshot and Knee-Deep in ZDoom threads, and its 2,967 replies are second to only KDiZD. The Monster Resource WAD thread, which would inspire the WRW, has over 2,000 fewer posts and 45,000 fewer views.
  • Likewise, the wiki page is the longest for one featuring a WAD and also the most popular with 7,500+ views. Super Sonic DooM, the second most popular page, has nearly 5,000 fewer views.

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