White Light

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It's so bright!
White Light
Author Phobus
Port ZDoom
IWAD MiniDoom2LogoIcon.png
Status Released
Link Download from Phobus's site


Caligari_87 once set up a 'brightness competition' for ZDoomers to participate in. The idea was to make a map which was above a minimum brightness. Phobus was the only person to finish a map for this contest, so White Light became his second solo release.

The map itself is based around the premise of being incredibly bright, with bright custom textures, a bright white monster and a high light level. The player has to navigate his way past puzzles and kill the ever increasingly hard waves of Aeons to get to the keys and escape the arena he is in. The map has a classical/Roman theme, with the custom textures being stone, cement and marble effects. It is a good showcase of ZDooms ability to manipulate level structure.


  • 1 arena map
  • A MIDI track made by farlowj
  • A new DECORATE monster, the Aeon
  • New Textures and Flats
  • Heavy usage of ZDoom features, including ACS and DECORATE
  • An exceedingly bright environment, plus a real challenge

Suitable for single play, but co-op starts are included.

Made with:

Doom Builder, MSPaint and XWE

More info and a screenshot can be found on Phobus' webpage for White Light, linked below.

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