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ZDoom Community Build (also known as .96x) was a ZDoom 2.0.96 based source mod which added a lot of new features (mostly in DECORATE). It was iterated on through diff files from April 8, 2005 till August 8, 2005.


The Community Build was made because of concerns about the (then) lengthy delay of the next ZDoom release. From the time Community Build was initiated till the official release of ZDoom that incorporated (most) of its features was fourteen months (April 2005 - June 2006).


ZDoom 2.1.x, incorporates nearly all of its features (the exceptions being the user variables and the ability to use Pickup and Use states with any inventory item) so using the unofficial build is no longer recommended.

ZDoom .96x was popular enough to be used as a minimum requirement for several mods, with twelve listed on the idgames archives. The ZDoom Community Build served as the base for the first GZDoom release in August 2005.

Unfortunately, the last release of the Community Build used a different host, meaning the latest archived version is from July 27, 2005. After releasing ZDoom Community Build, Grubber returned to his former personal project, GrbZDoom.

People involved

  • Christoph Oelckers (most of additions & bug fixes)
  • Grubber (maintainer, ACS modifications, other minor stuff)
  • kgsws (custom railgun colors)
  • MartinHowe (DECORATE user variables)

Custom builds derived from .96x

Several of the involved people created their own versions of the Community Build, with some mods, like Zen Dynamics being playable on these at the time of release where the Community Build would not. These are:

  • KGZDoom - kgsws's build, May 28 till August 18, 2005. - The most elaborate version, with vehicle support, particle flash light effects and a duration toggle to determine how long particles should exist before fading out.
  • ZDoom 2.0.96x-2 (The Ultimate ZDoom) - Graf Zahl's build, June 22, 2005. Additional DECORATE definitions for weapons and other custom bits, most of which went into the Community Build later.
  • ZDoomFX - MartinHowe's build, August 2, 2005. - Additions for the use of ACS functions as delegates for block iterators.

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