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The ZDoom documentation project is an attempt to save ZDoom developers the hassle of updating the engine's documentation whenever they add new features, and to serve as an information base for ZDoom mappers. Right now, basic ZDoom specials documentation, tricks, and other things are being added. Once the project has matured, it will only need to be updated every so often to stay current. This way, the developers can rely on several dozen other people to build meaningful documentation, rather than doing all of the grunt work themselves.

Of course, this doesn't mean you can't create ZDoom or Doom-related articles of your own. However, keep in mind that anything you post can (and probably will) be edited by others. This means that you shouldn't sign your name when creating or editing an article. If you're afraid of not being recognized, check the page history; it details every contribution you, and other people, have made to any article. However, it is common practice to sign any entries you make in talk pages. Use ~~~~ (four tildes) to sign your username and the current date and time, or ~~~ for just your username.

This project is not really meant as a way to discuss opinions on maps. If you wish to express an opinion on a particular article, please do so in the talk page of that article, rather than in the main article itself. Keep in mind that most information related to mods for Doom, even those for ZDoom and its derivates, is more commonly found on the mainline Doom Wiki than it is here.

When editing an article, it is nice if you put something in the little summary field. This gives people looking at the Recent Changes page a little hint as to what was edited. Something simple like sp for spelling, addition for something that was added, or some other small text, will work fine.

Use your best judgement when it comes to choosing between a minor and non-minor edit. The suggested use is to check minor if you're only changing a few words, fixing spelling or punctuation, or something similarly small. If you're adding new sentences, moving around entire paragraphs, or moving sections to new sub-articles, it's generally not a minor edit.

Please be sure to use the "Show preview" button, even if you think you absolutely know what you're doing and think you know how the resulting text is going to come out. People make mistakes, and it's often easier to spot them when you're previewing what you've edited rather than looking in the editing field.

If would like to contribute, but aren't sure where to start, check the Most wanted articles page. It is a breakdown of topics that have been linked to, but haven't had any information filled in yet. Note that topics only appear on this page if they have been linked from more than one page and haven't been written yet, so you are generally safe from accidentally treading on someone who is in the process of making a new page.