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For more information on the DECORATE lump and it's use, see ZDoom's DECORATE article.

Action Functions

Actor Flags


Spawns the actor on the clientside. This only works for things on the map startup, meaning it will not affect newly spawned actors.
Spawns the actor on the clientside no matter how it is spawned.
Actors with this flag are not assigned a network id when spawned. Only use it if you know what you are doing!
Players using a class with this flag enabled won't be identified when looked at.
Used in conjunction with the flag to make the player score a point if he/she is holding the flag/skull item.
The clients don't spawn such actors, only the server does. Therefore, spawning or manipulating these actors does not need network bandwidth. Only use it on actors that are always invisible and don't block the movement of players.


Causes the item to respawn in survival, even if respawn items is off.


Allows the weapon to be used while in respawn protection.
This weapon is not given in the Last Man Standing game mode.
Makes rail attacks ignore armor.

Limited Use

Flags the actor as base/super health/armor, used by bot scripting.
Seems to have something to do with accuracy and precision medals. Defined on the grenade.

Actor Properties

  • Inventory.PickupAnnouncerEntry

Plays the specified announcer entry when the item is picked up.

  • LimitedToTeam teamindex

Forces the Player class to a certain team, i. e. LimitedToTeam 1 would assign this class to the second team in TEAMINFO (default Red; indexes start at 0 and 255 means not on a team and is set by default).

  • Player.MaxSkinSizeFactor

Adjusts player skin size limits. Example: Player.MaxSkinSizeFactor 3.44, 1.68 //This is also the limit for default skins.

  • Rune.Color color, alpha

Same as Powerup.Color.

  • Rune.Type

Sets what the rune does, similar to Powerup.Type. Possible values are DoubleDamage, DoubleFiringSpeed, Drain, Spread, HalfDamage, Regeneration, Prosperity, Reflection, HighJump, Speed25.

  • VisibleToTeam teamindex

Makes the actor only visible for a certain team, i. e. VisibleToTeam 1 would make this actor only visible for the second team in TEAMINFO (default Red; indexes start at 0 and 255 means not on a team and is set by default).

  • VisibleToPlayerClass classname

Makes the actor only visible for a certain class.

  • Weapon.PreferredSkin

Forces the Player class to use a certain skin when the weapon is selected.

Damage Factors

  • spawntelefrag

A separate damage factor for the initial spawn frags with maps lacking player starts. This is different from the telefrag damagefactor.