Zim Weapons

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Zim Weapons
Author Xim
Port ZDoom
IWAD Any Doom
Status Released
Link Forum thread
DRD Team Share Space download

Zim Weapons (Not Xim mind you) is an old mod made by Xim in 2006, before he joined the community. This later became Xim's Weapon and Enemies WAD due to editing it more and more after time. He thought he owed it too his younger self to release the older version, so as show the progress made. It is given as-is and will not be updated or bug-fixed.

Features include

  • Weapons inspired by the Doom Bible (or just ripped off).
  • New weapons alongside old weapons.
  • A few new enemies.
  • Zombies aren't the only ones who drop weapons!
  • A text file, in the DoomWorld format. Shows some kind of over ambitions and such.
  • Perfectly accurate aiming machine guns!
  • A "handy feature" (bug) that disallows the walls from going down in the "Dead Simple" level in Doom 2, "allowing" (forcing) you to jump up to the eye-switch to exit or IDCLIP to fight the spider-babies.